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Published On Sep 17, 2021

Topics to Inspire Your Writing

If you’re an author, it’s not unusual to find yourself in a creative rut. Maybe you’re struggling to find a new topic for your next book or short story, or you might find yourself totally unmotivated when it comes to getting the right words out...

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Published On Sep 2, 2021

Why You'll Never Regret Writing

I don’t remember the first time I wrote. I do remember, however, that I would always dream. I spent much of my time within my mind, my imagination creating and cultivating worlds where the impossible was reality. Imagination is a beautiful thing;...

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Published On Aug 26, 2021

Why With Writing, Age Doesn't Matter

If you’re on this page, you are a writer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a minor, nor does it matter if you haven’t published anything or completed any work. You might have even wondered about writing, only to dismiss it as some unattainable...

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Published On Aug 20, 2021

Health Benefits of Writing a Novel

If you’ve been following along with our more recent blogs, you may already know that expressive writing has some pretty significant health benefits. You can expect to see improvements in your mood, stress levels, and overall quality of life by...

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Published On Aug 13, 2021

Writing to Set Intentions

Setting intentions improves focus, mental clarity, and overall happiness. We recently wrote about the benefits of goal setting and the power of writing, but we also want to touch on the importance of emotional intentions when it comes to trying...

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Published On Aug 6, 2021

Why Dreams Are The Ultimate Writing Prompt

For thousands of years, humans have tried to find meaning in dreams. We’ve hypothesized that we dream the thoughts in our unconscious and some even believe that dreams can predict the future. Thanks to modern technology, scientists have made a...

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Published On Jul 30, 2021

3 Ways Writing Can Literally Change Your Brain

Daily practice has the power to change your brain at a fundamental level.

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Published On Jul 24, 2021

TLDR; How Technology is Changing the Way We Write

TLDR – a familiar initialism to almost anyone born after the first Millennials – is also a pretty good descriptor for how people have begun to consume content and media. For those who don’t know, TLDR stands for “too long, didn’t read,” and it’s...

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Published On Jul 16, 2021

When Does Your Creativity Spark?

We’ve written before about the destructive effects of writer’s block and provided a handful of ways to get out of it, but is it possible to avoid it altogether? A 2019 study conducted by MPA suggests that maybe it is, you just have to know when...

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