10 Author Focused Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Apr 22, 2015

Whether Android or iPhone, a vast majority of authors and writers have smart phones or tablets with access for downloading and using apps. If you think of Angry Bird or SnapChat when you think of phone apps, you're missing out on some of the most useful pieces of software you can get. Developers have come up with multiple titles dedicated to making your writing life easier and more profitable. Some of these are well known, while others are obscure. All of them may become priceless, go-to buttons on your device after trying them out. Author_App_Productivity_Infinity

1. Pomodoro Challenge

Available for Android, this app employs the Pomodoro Method of doing tasks (do one job for a set amount of time, then take a short break before going back to another working sprint). With Pomodoro Challenge, gamification makes it fun to drudge through work each day. With badges, whistles, and smart-aleck comments, it's just amusing enough to give you a snarky grin before going back to your next chunk of timed work. Increased productivity while having a little bit of fun.

2. The Brainstormer

Built for the iOS interface, the Brainstormer is a great defense against writer's block. Spin the wheels to randomly display a character, a plot, a setting, whatever. It's fun to play with book possibilities, and you'll never again have the excuse that you don't have any ideas.

3. Pomodoro Timer

For Pom lovers who have an iOS device, this mobile app gives you the option of setting up your phone to help you get through a productive work day. If you're lacking in time management skills or fall into Facebook a bit too easily during your writing time, this is the app for you. For Android people find it here.

4. WordBook

For both Android and iOS, this app contains a really good dictionary and thesaurus. Includes a spell checker and a professionally recorded pronunciation for every single word included. Because misspelling words is for the lazy.

5. Coffitivity

Do you do your best work sitting in the middle of a bustling coffee shop? Does you brain shut down when you finally get into the peace and quiet of an empty house? If so, your brain needs Coffitivity to make it write the words. This app, for both Android and iOS, plays an ambient sound of a busy coffee shop. Turn on this app and your subconscious will think it's gone to work. This is simple and cool!

6. Lists for Writers

For Android and iOS. You need an occupation for your renaissance minor character, or the name of a generic tiny country. Sure, you could Google it, but by the time you get out of there you'll be ready to put away the keyboard for the day. Instead, use Lists for Writers to dig down into the info you need, and nothing else. This app alone could save you dozens of hours for every book you write.

7. Dragon Dictation

For iOS and Android. How many times have you had a great book marketing idea for your novel while driving the car? How about while walking around town now that you've finally decided you're going to exercise each day? What are the odds that you'll remember it until you find a piece of paper and pen? Not good. With Dragon Dictation, you can take notes on everything from plot development to marketing ideas, all without using any hands.

8. Little Words

For Android. Writers need to have fun, too, and with this little app you'll grow your vocabulary and keep your mind sharp while looking for just one more little word. Billed as the 'uncrossword puzzle," it uses the same skills but in a short daily form.

9. Afterword

If you have an Android device and you publish on Kindle, you need this app. Click one button and it will download and display all your sales date from the last two months. All those things you wish the KDP dashboard did? Yeah, this app does it.

10. Wikipanion

For iOS users. If you rely on the power of Wikipedia for basic information research, you'll always have it at your fingertips with this little app. Skip the search through the internet which will inevitably end up with you arguing about Twinkies on reddit or clicking on pieces of candy in a game. Go straight to the source, get your info, and get out. You'll thank yourself.

Be on the look out for our own mobile app! and as always....

Keep the the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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