10 Best Holiday Gifts for Authors: 2016 Edition

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Dec 5, 2016

The holidays are coming soon, and it's time for you to buy a gift for your favorite author. If your favorite author is yourself, then it's time for you to write your wish list for friends and family. Believe it or not, most authors are tired of getting packs of pens and stacks of Moleskine notebooks. Not that they aren't great, but you can do better. Here are some unique and creative gifts your favorite author will absolutely love. Holiday_Gifts_2016.jpg

  1. Writing Software  A lot of authors look longingly at Scrivener, then turn away because they can't justify the cost. If your author is just starting out, she deserves the best. Scrivener is consistently voted the best writing software around by serious authors. If your author already has a copy, it's almost a sure bet she hasn't experienced all its features. Buy her a Scrivener course to teach her all the different ways to use this powerhouse.

  2. Website Hosting  If your author still doesn't have a website, the first step is to get some hosting and a domain name. Go with the basics and get www.penname.com, whatever name he's writing under. Pay for a year of hosting on a reliable host site and toss in some help building his site if you're feeling especially generous.

  3. A Writer's Conference  Check lists online to find local or long distance conferences in your favorite author's chosen genre. If you can't afford one of the big ones like the RWA national conference for romance writers, choose from dozens of regional meets with much more reasonable prices.

  4. A Tablet Keyboard  For the ultimate in portability, these keyboards allow authors to write on the go without lugging along their heavy laptops. These tiny keyboards transform iPads and Android tablets into small monitors, allowing an entire writing setup to fit into a purse or large pocket.

  5. A Year of Coffee  Whether your favorite author works in a local coffee shop or he just likes coffee, a gift card is always an welcome gift. It might even encourage him to write in a different environment more often, which can spark the creativity. A book marketing essential especially when you are there to hear the sounds of the cafe!

  6. Dead Writer's Perfume  This scent, which is appropriate for both men and women, brings back memories of old libraries full of first edition books. Black tea, vetiver, tobacco and clove are just some of the scents in this unusual blend.

  7. Literary Tattoos  Let your favorite author freak out their great aunt at the next holiday party. These tattoos are only temporary, but your author only has to share that if they want to. From Beowolf to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, you'll find a book your author will love.

  8. Dinner Delivery Service  These box services abound, with each one offering a menu for the week, then sending the recipient the ingredients for making a fabulous meal. Authors are busy people and don't often have time for meal planning. This way, at least she'll eat healthy a couple of times a week.

  9. Writer's Pants  Tired of seeing your favorite author schlubbing around the house in sweats or pajama bottoms? These pants cure that for good. They're stealth sweats that look like honest-to-goodness grownup dress pants. Billed as the perfect travel pants, they're also ideal for authors spending a long day pounding the keyboard.

  10. A Healthy Membership  Authors tend to spend too many hours sitting in front of a keyboard, and that can take a toll on their health. Give your author the gift of a healthy lifestyle. Give a gift card to a local gym, enroll them in yoga classes or set up a play date with their favorite nephews for nature walks all year long. Get them out of the house and moving and they'll be around for a lot more holidays to come.

    Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!

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