13 Tips for Authors to Take Social Media to the Next Step

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Apr 28, 2015

Whether you love working on your social media presence or you think it's a huge waste of time, the fact is as a busy author or writer you probably don't have enough of a showing on any of your sites to make a really big impact on your sales. Every time you reach another reader with any of your social media accounts, you're increasing the chances of that reader buying one of your eBooks or print books. It's book marketing at the most retail level: one on one contact. The best part is that you can affect your social media standing for free, just by spending tiny chunks of time on your accounts. These ideas each take about ten minutes or less, but they can make a huge difference in how visible you are to your chosen readership. Author_social_media_steps

  1. Use one perfect profile photo, and use this same shot on every place you frequent. If you can't afford a professional head shot, get a creative friend to take a series and choose the best one.

  2. Write the ideal bio. Keep it short; bios that drag on will bore people into leaving before they get to the end. Keep it to around two paragraphs. Spend the first one telling readers what you can do for them: teach them how to grow plants or entertain them with steamy romance novels. Use the second paragraph to add a little personality, so readers look at you as a human being, not just a writer. And yes, some do think there's a difference.

  3. Create a background header and use it everywhere. Add it to your Facebook page, use it to decorate your Twitter profile, and include it on your Google+ profile. Make it your signature look.

  4. Add some apps to your Facebook page. Include Twitter and G+ feeds, include RSS feed links, and put in a spot where readers can sign up for your newsletter.

  5. Pin a great tweet at the top of your page. Twitter now gives you the ability to pin a favorite tweet at the top of your page. This will be the first thing your followers see.

  6. Include a link to your website or blog on your Facebook page About section.

  7. Recommend others on LinkedIn, and ask for the same favor back.

  8. Upload links to your best articles on your LinkedIn Professional Portfolio section.

  9. Fill out an on-point and creative Google+ tagline. The tagline is the first thing people see when they click on your name. Don't make it boring.

  10. Convert your Pinterest page to a business page. It will look exactly the same, but you'll have access to analytics.

  11. Verify your website on Pinterest for added credibility.

  12. Adjust your privacy settings on Pinterest to allow the widest possible range of access. You want everyone to be able to find your links.

  13. Spend ten minutes each day keeping your sites up to date. Post the same news on every site. When people see the same information on multiple platforms, it reinforces the importance of the information in their minds. Spread the word and you'll look more well-known.


Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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