2 Simple Tips for Authors to Automate Book Marketing and Save Time!

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Sep 27, 2016

Twitter, Instagram, blogs, videos, Facebook... and the list goes on. Now that you have published your print, eBook or audio indie book are you confused about how much time to allocate to marketing or too busy working on your author platform for everything? Not to worry, we've got your back- start automating here! authors_automate_and_Unite.jpg

Getting started at automation

Before we get into it, first golden rule: you want to add value to your target market's lifestyle, not clutter it or look spammy. Be sure to choose the information you want to market to your audience wisely. This means doing a little research regarding their spending habits, how much they tend to spend on media and how they like to consume information. By now you may have already done this, but if not, start there.

Remember, automation is a tool to nurture your current audience and grow it exponentially. Depending on what web platform you use, there are a ton of plug-ins to easily help you achieve your automation goals. 

Get automating by starting here

1.  Set up landing pages that present opt-in incentives

This looks like a free chapter, a free guide, a free podcast. Whatever you decide to give away, make sure it is also easy to access. Consider using an easy to download, one push button that you include in an email or from your website. You can also use a free code that customers will type in to receive their free incentive. Whether you decide to use a one time download button or a customer code, be sure you include a method to capture their email address. 

Need an example? Head to our landing page to see our offer for our free publishing guide. 

2. Capture email addresses

"Email marketing is the digital workhorse, deemed the most effective (relative to other digital tactics) for building awareness, acquisition, retention and conversion. In fact, 56 percent of respondents identified email as being the most effective at retention, several points ahead of the second-most-effective tactic." Gigaom survey

  • Pop-ups can be annoying, however, if you have one appear as people leave your site, it's safe to assume they enjoyed being there, so grab their email before they go. Leading email marketing gurus say that exit-intent pop-ins are usually the best. Here's how to set one up

  • Develop an email autoresponder series. Yes, these steps seem time consuming, but it's a small time investment that goes a very long way. Think about it, they work for you whether you're writing, working on other marketing tools, eating, at a concert, you get it. Why do it? They lead your audience further into your content. You can offer discount links, special codes, links to products and can ask your users about how they enjoy accessing your information. Give it a shot

Have an automation tool that has helped up your marketing efficiency goals? Tell us about it here. 

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!

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