20 Creative Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Author

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Dec 3, 2015

The holidays are approaching, and authors around the country are bracing themselves for an onslaught of notebooks and pens. While they appreciate the gesture, almost every one of them would rather have something more creative. Here are 20 choices, for every budget from indulgent to free or almost free. Author_favorite_gift

Indulgent Gifts

Treadmill Desk  Most authors don't get enough exercise, sitting at a computer typing all day long. Combine that with workouts and give your favorite author a treadmill desk. He'll get in those steps while working on his latest novel.

Conference Trip  Whether your favorite author writes science fiction, romance, or nonfiction, there's a writer's conference somewhere in the world that's right for her. Set her up with con tickets and a hotel room for the weekend.

Freewrite  Formerly known as the Hemmingwrite, the Freewrite is a high-tech word processor with a low-tech hipster cool. Ideal for distraction-free writing, it saves to the cloud but has no internet access.

Laptop  Authors who are serious about their craft often feel the need to have a backup computer, in case of failure on their main machine. Whether it's a laptop, a netbook, or a Surface-type pad with keyboard, backup hardware will be a welcome gift.

Writing Retreat  Sometimes you've just got to write. Give your favorite author the chance to do just that. Arrange a hotel room or cabin in an inspirational spot and include prepaid room service or restaurant vouchers.

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Mid-Range Ideas

Audible Subscription  Authors love to read, but most of them don't have enough time to read all they want. Give the gift of an Audible subscription so your author can hear books while driving, working out, or just doing chores around the house.

Graze  If your favorite author is a snacker, make sure she's snacking on something healthy. Get her a subscription to Graze, Fruit of the Month Club, or another healthy food delivery service.

Massage  Sitting at a desk all day is murder on the body. Give the gift of a massage or spa day to rejuvenate your author.

Writer's Digest  The go-to magazine for authors, give a subscription and they'll think of you all year long.

Bag It   Give your favorite author an indulgent laptop bag or messenger bag in buttery leather, soft suede, steampunk fashion, or whatever he'd love but never spend the money on.

On a Budget

Aqua Notes  Inspiration comes in the strangest places, including the shower. These special note pads stick to the shower wall, along with the matching pencil. Now your author can write down his thoughts even if he's under water.

Stickup Calendar  Many authors find inspiration in writing down their daily word counts. Find stickup calendars or other charts to put on the edge of a monitor or the wall behind his desk.

Dragon Naturally Speaking  Dictation software can allow authors to create on the go or just while resting their hands and wrists. The home version of this software can often be found for relatively little money. Your favorite author can upgrade later if she likes the program.

Literary T  Find a t-shirt with your author's favorite book, a literary saying, or just a great book cover. If he never wears t-shirts, do the same thing with a coffee mug or water bottle.

Chocolate  Good chocolate. The kind that struggling authors never spend their money on. Enough said.

Free or Almost Free

Book Review  The best way you can show your favorite author you like his books is by writing an honest review of them. Reviews help sales and good reviews are good on the ego.

Social Media  If you know a lot about social media, offer to give your author a month or two of free posts, tweets, and Pins about her work. You'll be taking a burden off her back, and freeing her up to write more often.

Food  Offer to come over and cook dinner once a week. Make multiple meals and freeze them for eating later. Fill her crockpot every Thursday morning. Authors get caught up in their work, and no one likes that feeling of being hungry and having nothing ready to eat.

Website  If you know anything about Wordpress or any other website design software, offer to build a simple site for free.

Flash Drives  Find them on sale during the holiday season for an inexpensive gift, or search online for free flash drives if you need a gift that's absolutely free. Many companies offer free flash drives as incentives. Your favorite author may not care about the company that's advertised on it, but she'll use the drives for all her work.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!