3 Easy Steps to an Online Book Release Party

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Nov 3, 2015

Plan an online book release party 

Whether you're a newbie author or a seasoned writer, you know that ebook and indie publishing can be expensive, making a physical book tour out of reach for many. Expenses don't have to keep you from having a successful online, digital campaign though! Along with planning your digital book tour across websites and blogs, plan a book launch party online via podcast or via Google Hangouts to get your fans engaged and excited! Online_book_release


How to host an online book release party

In the physical world book release parties are what you might think- celebrations with friends, family and colleagues over drinks, food and discussions about your book. Book release parties are a way to show your appreciation for those who supported you as well as network and promote your new release. You can host a small, local release that you broadcast online that people from all over can participate in though!

1. Send invites via social media: obviously you'll invite local friends and family to pack the house, but use social networks to get people in virtual attendance. 

  • Create a flyer to broadcast on Instagram and Twitter. Use appropriate social hashtags that will link to other social media venues advertising your party
  • Create an event via FB and send to fans
  • Reach out via Linkedin to your colleagues by sharing your flyer

2. Choose a Podcast or Google Hangouts: 

  • Do a mock run before your event to be sure your cameras and mics are all set up to feature areas where you'll interact with fans
  • Be sure that fans know how to sign up and interact the day of- provide clear and simple directions for them to do so
  • Choose an option to record your feature so that fans can watch later

3. Take advantage of Twitter a few days before your party and day of:

  • Get your friends and colleagues with the largest social media followings to help you advertise your event a few days ahead to blast more potential attendees
  • Live tweet from your event during and after
  • Choose agreed upon hashtags that will generate a social history of your event
  • Create links to tweet that send attendees to where they can buy

The key to a solid fan base is keeping them engaged every step of the way to show your appreciation. Fans love to interact with writers- the more you authentically interact with your readership, the more you can count on them to promote your story and brand to their friends and family. Happy launch partying!

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You! 

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