3 Social Media Hacks for Authors to Master

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Mar 23, 2016

Social media has a funny way of "flipping the script" every few months with new algorithms, making it a challenge to know what that social media "brain" is thinking. You can stay posted to make sure your efforts are maximized and not simply getting lost in the shuffle. Put these simple hacks into action & watch your metrics expand. social_media_hacks_authors

1. Facebook. 

Facebook seems to be announcing a new strategy every time we turn around. Likely the most elusive and seemingly fickle, yet influential platforms, Facebook has one algorithm trick really worth focusing your attention on for book marketing. Unless you want to start paying for social media campaigns on Facebook, this simple trick can get your data in front of who you need to when you need it to. Social Media Examiner is also a great tool to sign up for to stay updated as these hacks change according to the shifting algorithms. 

  • Hack to try: 
    • Resist posting your latest article, feature or interview that just came out about your book. Wait until the platform hosting your piece posts on their Facebook page. This hack works best if whoever is hosting you possesses a larger audience. From their page share your link and watch it grow- consider it piggy-backing on either their paid or organic reach. 

2. Drip Feed Your Content with Buffer

Again, it's about resistance. Dilemma, you want your book, author interview or latest media released in a way that appears organic, but who has the time to sit on social media platforms all day long? If you aren't a social media expert, then the answer is: none of us! 

Buffer is an app that organically "drips" your assorted content naturally throughout the day across the social media platforms you choose. You can spend an hour a week setting this content up or adding it in less than five minutes. You can later use Buffer metrics to compare to your Google analytics to be sure you're meeting your goals. 

3. Crazy Egg to track interest and user-friendliness across platforms. 

This tool takes the most time to use, yet offers the kind of invaluable info you need to track user engagement. Now that you've got your content pushed out, you need to know the specifics. Consider Crazy Egg an independent assay research tool. It helps make your metrics come to life even more. The key feature of this tool is it helps you understand exactly how users are interacting with your information. 

  • Key feature: Crazy Egg literally tracks where a user stops mid-way through an article, interview or book page or if they jump ship while filling out a website form or while signing up to receive a few pages of your ebook. If you're wondering where users are going, this is the tool to track with. 


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