3 Ways for Authors to Engage and Win Over Reporters and Bloggers?

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Jan 23, 2016

We want our book to be found, featured & purchased. This requires getting our work in front of our chosen target audience. Have you taken a close look at who the gate keepers to your target audience are? Reporters and popular bloggers are always looking for ways to reach their audience. Connect with them and connect with your audience with greater impact to drive sales. Book_marketing_Reporters_authors_infinity_Publishing

Pitching your book or work to reporters

You may have been discouraged with pitching to PR because most websites require a fee or an arduous process of filling out forms to reach a reporter down the line. Certain services exist that put you directly in touch with reporters looking to catch an exclusive angle before other journalists get the hook. Here are our top picks for connecting with the media and bloggers. 

1. HARO aka Help A Reporter Out is one of our go-to online and free services to connect with reporters. All it takes is two minutes to fill out and customize a profile that pertains to the markets you want to be featured in. To your inbox several times per day or with whatever frequency you personally choose, reporters looking to cover stories place small ads classified under specific topic headings from business and finance to health and tech to fitness and beauty. Many writers report building their media kit and exposure profiles around getting featured from HARO placements. 

Remember, when you reply to a reporter, include a catchy subject line they'll want to click and provide the pertinent information they're asking for. They have deadlines, so if you want to be realistically chosen, look closely at the guidelines they are hoping to meet. 

HARO is a reliable mix of magazines, newspapers and online video shows looking to cover the latest and greatest from experts in all subject areas. 

2. Reach out to bloggers with a catchy subject line. Popular bloggers receive propositions on a daily basis to cover projects, products and books. Reeling them in with the catchy subject in key. Once you have lead them to your email, be sure you tell them exactly what they can gain from covering you (reveal what your project lends to their audience's interest) and that you will cover a potential feature on your end with social media as well. If you are in a position to offer a book giveaway, bloggers love to be able to offer their audience tangible goods. If you can't, consider a discount code to be offered for a month or certain duration of time to the particular blog's audience. 

3. The Independent Author Network wants to connect with indie-publishers. Developed to help those in the self-publishing world, the Independent Author Network seeks to connect authors with their audience through reviews. This network provides authors the specific bloggers and websites who specialize in reviewing books.

A catchy pitch may be all that stands between your book being featured or not by reporters and bloggers!


Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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