4 Tips to Market your Book for a Big Holiday Push

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Oct 26, 2016

The holidays are coming and your book is the perfect present right? So how will everyone find out about your book during the biggest sales rush of the year. Start your holiday push now to get ahead of the competition so you'll be on everyone's gift list. Holiday_book_gifting.png

1. Gift guide. Every author waits too long to publish their gift guides or to get submitted onto a gift guide. If you'd like to be submitted to a holiday gift guide, take action now by contacting bloggers who want to feature authors and their books. If you plan to put a gift guide together on your blog (of course you plan to do this), then get it published the first or second week of November while everyone still has money to spend!

2. Submit samples of your work or extensions of your work to publications that feature products and link to your gift guide if possible. One of our writers featured a holiday cocktail recipe at The Today Show Online that ran during the holiday shopping spree last year to get a big push. If your book has already launched then revisit your most successful PR venues to pitch them to help for the holidays. 

3. Can you collaborate? Many design and lifestyle stores invite authors into their stores during the holidays to up sales or do demos. Consider if you can do a demo in your area or partner with a brand you may have featured in your book. 

4. Offer multiple purchase incentives. It may sound like a no-brainer, but feature offers that people can't simply turn down. And, remeber, people are so busy during the holidays. If your book is a good present option for their brother, it is for their uncle and their brother-in-law :

  • buy 1 signed copy and recieve your second copy 1/2 off 
  • buy 1 copy for your entire office and we'll not only offer complimentary shipping, but we'll send you one signed copy as a holiday gift from us
  • bundle buy: 5 books, 10 percent off

and so on.

Don't be afraid to approach PR, social media and marketing teams of corporations to sell your book. These employees have often been tasked with figuring out a gift giving plan dor their teams and staff. Remember to make the most of Instagram stories too by updating your fans about where they can get in on these holiday buying incentives too!

Happy early holiday book markeitng and happy book selling from Infinity! Have fun checking out our extra holiday guide here

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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