5 Book Marketing Tricks Using InstaFreebie

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Aug 9, 2016

Imagine a website that allows you to give out free promotional material such as free chapters or whole books, all without you having to waste time emailing each individual reader. InstaFreebie gives you just that freedom, allowing you to give out your work as an incentive simply by passing on a code to interested parties. InstaFreebie can be one of the most useful marketing tools an author can have. Used right, the variety of ways to market using the site means it can take the place of two or more other promotions tools. It's not just a way to give out free books to your friends and family. Some of the most effective book marketing campaigns use instaFreebie as the basis for their success. instafreebie_book_marketing.png

ARCs for Reviews

Honest reviews are the lifeblood of most books' success. You'll likely get some reviews organically as people read your books, but getting dozens of reviews the first week sets your book apart as something to notice. The best way to do this is to send out ARCs or Advanced Reader Copies, or your book before it goes live. Upload the manuscript to instaFreebie and send the code out to readers who agree to give you an honest book review in exchange for the free book. Success breeds success when selling books, and a book with a dozen or more reviews looks like one to take a second look at.

Business Cards

You may have basic business cards, but a more useful card is one the readers will keep and use. Order double-sided business cards with the book cover on the front and the code for the free book on the back, along with your website URL and social media links. A business card that contains a free book is one that people are likely to keep around.

Email Signature

If you're smart you've already got your website URL and social media links in your email signature. Increase your reader involvement by adding the instaFreebie code for a free book or teaser chapter at the bottom of your email.

Series Sell-Through

The best way to get a lifelong fan is to get them hooked on a book series. If they like your work, they're likely to buy your next books whenever they see them available. Get more people hooked on your work by giving away the first book in your series. If the thought of giving up that paycheck hurts too much, write a novella or short prequel setting up the series characters and use that as a giveaway.

Raffle Prizes

Rafflecopterand other raffle companies make it simple to hold or join in on large promotional raffles where your work is one of the prizes. Some authors use actual, physical books as prizes, but that costs money that might be spent on other marketing plans. Using instaFreebie and giving out a code for a free eBook allows you to give out more prizes for absolutely no cost to you.

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