5 New Social Media Sites for Book Marketing

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On May 26, 2017

Finally getting the hang of leveraging social media for your book marketing? Well, now it is time to learn to predict the future – the future of social media that is. The days of Facebook and Twitter being the only games in town are over. Each year brings a tidal wave of budding social wannabes. Your job is to figure out which ones will be the next big trend.social_sites_authors

In 2015, there are a few you should be looking to add to your arsenal. Consider getting to know these up and comers as part of this year’s marketing strategy.


Bubbly.net gives your marketing a voice, literally. It is a voice-based network that lets you record messages, edit them, add some special effects and then share them with the world. Imagine reading the first few lines of your next book with a little music in the background for dramatic effect. Bubbly is already making headlines in Europe and Asia. Could the U.S be far behind?




Frilp is a nifty addition for those authors who self-publish or who are looking to pre-market a new book. Frilp is all about getting the most from word of mouth advertising. This platform allows you to give and receive recommendations about products and services. Looking for a restaurant in a city you are visiting, Frilp takes it right to the people that live there for advice.

Are you trying to find a good book to read? Frilp analyzes everything it knows about each person from existing social media platforms like Facebook and provides recommendations.


Whisper is a little like playing a game. People that you don’t know get to whisper something to you. You can imagine how much fun that can possibly be, but is it a marketing too? Maybe, if utilizes correctly. You could whisper the details of your current book or share about an event that is happening. The perk is you are sending information out to people you don’t know and potentially, expanding your audience. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with just having some fun with it, either.


Line is a messaging app, but it does so much more than just send messages. With this social media product, you can set up group chats, like a online book club, create stickers and even network with people that used to be out of your reach. Line offers free voice and video call for its users, too.


WeChat is an online messaging program associated with BuzzFeed. It allows you to connect with readers across many different networks. WeChat is not new, just improved. You can set up group chats and broadcast messages. It even has radar, so you manage a variety of demographics.

It looks like 2015 will be an interesting one in the world of virtual communication and social networking. As someone looking to make connections, a self-published author needs to find ways to reach as many people as possible for less. These days, that starts with social media.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!