7 Effective Ways to Pre-Market Your Next Book

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Jan 29, 2015

The early bird gets the worm. It is an old proverb that you might think has no application in the world of book publishing. You would be wrong. Pre marketing your upcoming self published book is a little like offering an aperitif to delight the intellectual palate. If book marketing is a mystery to you, however, pre marketing probably seems impossible. Wrong again – consider the seven best ways to get the word out about your next book. early_bird_marketing

1. Tack it On

If this is your second or third trip to the publishing arena, then tack on a blurb about your next book when promoting the last one. For example, hold a book signing for your current publication and put up a sign or poster that announces the next one. “Watch for my next book – I Got the Worm, Now What – coming out in just one month.”

2. Blog About It

If you keep a blog, and you should, post a section on the side of the page about your next release. Make sure to include the full title, estimated availability date and where they can find it. If you have a graphic of the cover, even a fake one, that will draw the focus of your readers to the notice.

3. Have a Pre Order Sale

Writer’s Digest suggests that a preorder promo will boost the buzz about your book. Instead of asking fellow bloggers to promote it, offer to create an affiliate code that gets their readers a discount on the book prior to the official release. You can also set up a pre order of the print version with a discount through Amazon or go digital only for the presale using Kindle.

4. Merchandize It

Give away little perks that advertise your new release with every purchase of a current book. T-shirts, bookmarks, coffee cups, pins – it will cost a little up front money, but pay off by advertising your book before you publish it.

5. Get Social

You have spent all this time building up a social media following, now put it to use. Start talking about the new book you have coming out.  Use hashtags whenever you post about the book. Offer a presale discount to your social media followers to get the sales rolling.

6. Celebrate Before Publishing

Hold an event specifically to celebrate before the book release. This gives you a chance to reward loyal followers, advertise points of sale and provide a chance to buy pre release copies.

7. Do a Targeted Release

Targeted, or soft, release means you market and sell in a key demographic, locally, for example. You promote the book via local media, host a signing party in your home town and give your neighbors a first peek at the contents. You get feedback on what people like most, and use that to build a countrywide marketing strategy. 

Book marketing is more work than writing the novel, but you can ease that burden with an effective pre market strategy.

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!


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