Author Spotlight: Bo Metzler

Posted by Sara Matz
Published On Mar 4, 2016

Author Biography:

Spanning 40 years, this self published author has worked on some 125 shows in educational, community, regional, stock, dinner theatre, Off-Off & Off Broadway, on tour in every state and nine different countries, as well as several T.V. shows, rock concerts and special events. He has worked as either an actor, stage manager, dresser, electrician, carpenter or prop man on 30+ Broadway shows including “Cats,” “Phantom,” “Les Miserables” and “The Lion King.” He has also designed, directed and produced for theatre and dance, and is the author of a play about the Lincolns entitled: “Abraham and Mary.” 

What_we_Do.jpgWhat We Do: Working in the Theatre 

What We Do - Working in the Theatre is a must-have book for theatre students and the non-theatre friends and family of theatre people who want to understand a life in the theatre. It is a general yet comprehensive look at the profession, exploring the job-by-job process of producing a show and pursuing a theatrical career. It is an informative who, what and where explanation of the language, the training, the jobs, the venues, the relationships and the good times and bad—an insider’s view of what theatre people do in the pursuit of their dream.

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More Details:

A comprehensive look at what theatre people do in pursuit of their careers and dreams. A must-have book for every theatre student and all the friends and family of theatre people.