Author Spotlight: Carol Warner Burdick

Posted by Sara Matz
Published On Apr 7, 2016

Author Biography:

Carol Warner Burdick is a former Realtor who relocated from Upstate New York to North Carolina with her husband Jeff and her sons Dan and Michael in the mid-nineties. Her growing family enjoys spending time at their vacation home in Mount Airy (think Mayberry.) She has always loved books and writing, and spent years as a customer service representative for a book manufacturer working with numerous different publishers. After surviving breast cancer she decided it was finally time to write something other than song lyrics and eulogies and became a self published author. This is her first novel. She hopes you enjoy it.


The One Constant

Diane, Debbie, and Christy are three friends growing up in the 1960s in Upstate New York. Their idyllic childhoods end when war and assassinations begin filling the news. Vietnam, college, and adulthood affect them in ways they never could have foreseen. Each is faced with her own personal trauma and is living with a secret she doesn't want revealed. Together they learn how one small decision can affect a life for years to come. Secrets must be revealed before personal peace can be found. This is a story of heartbreak and betrayal but also of love and friendship.


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A sneek peek at "The One Constant":


Debbie watched as Mark gave Joanne a big hug and whispered something in her ear. She responded with a huge smile, said something back to him and then Mark headed out to the parking lot. Then Joanne walked over to Ken and said something to him and headed back toward Debbie. “Oh my God, Mark wants me to leave with him. I don’t want him to know that I’ve been dancing with that guy or that I was giving him a ride home. So, you’ve got to drive him home.”

“What? Who? That guy you made me dance with? You’ve got to be kidding. I don’t know him and I don’t want to drive him home. No thank you.”

“Please. You have to. I think Mark wants to get back together but if he knows I was going to sleep with that guy Ken, he’ll never take me back. And I already promised Ken a ride home, so his friends left without him. Please, just this one time? Please?”

“I don’t even know him, and he looks pretty drunk.”

“So how dangerous could he be? Look how good looking he is! Please? I’ll owe you big-time. I really, really want to be with Mark. I just know he misses me and wants to get back together.”

Debbie thought about the fact that if Pete were to walk in right now and want her to leave with him that sadly she would probably be thrilled to do it, so against her better judgment, she reluctantly agreed.

“Oh you’re the best. And he seems like a nice guy. And besides, he’s so cute. I’m sure it’ll be fine.” And with that Joanne walked by Ken, said something briefly, and went out to meet Mark in the parking lot.

As soon as Joanne left, Ken walked over to Debbie and asked if she was ready to go. Debbie said, “I don’t even know where you live and my gas tank is almost on empty.”

“Oh, it’s not that far from here. Just over on the south side.”