Author Spotlight: Martha Santos

Posted by Sara Matz
Published On Mar 22, 2016

Author Biography:

Martha Santos was born in California and attended College, majoring in journalism. She is married with two children. Martha has been a self published author in newspapers and magazines and in books, for many years. Her writing has brought a great deal of joy to herself and others. She is fascinated by the art of forming quality work. As a painter friend once said to her, “You paint with words.” What a compliment!


The Littlest Fairy Goes to Town

“Grandma, tell us another fairy story.” The children gathered around her. Their faces shown with eagerness.
“Okay, but remember, fairies are only make believe. They are made up to prove a point.” Grandma leaned forward in her soft, cozy chair.
The Littlest Fairy and her even littler sisters were in their bedroom combing their hair when The Littlest Fairy, stopped, and stared out the window. “Let’s go to town.”
While Mother Fairy stood in the kitchen washing dishes, the three sisters softly tip toed down the back stairs. When Mother Fairy turned her back to put dishes in the cupboard, the three fairy sisters snuck out the back door.


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The Littlest Fairy: The first in the Littlest Fairy series. 

“Grandma, you are a great cook!”  Echoed her four grandchildren, two boys, age six and eight and two girls ages ten and twelve.  They enjoyed spending the night at Grandma’s because of the good food and fun stories.

Baby Blue Eyes :Baby Blue Eyes is not only the title of the book, but a short novel. The story is a reflection of Megan’s life sitting on a park bench; her husband had just passed away. She was lonely and thinking about her life, in 1971. She gazed into the eyes of a blue eyed man passing on a train, and he never forgot. Was she reading too much into a stare? Following the story Baby Blue Eyes, the reader will continue to be treated with more short stories on a variety of topics and poetry. They are a masterpiece. It is a collection of fifteen years created to amuse, and lift one’s spirits.