Author Spotlight: Loretta Veney

Posted by Sara Matz
Published On Jun 23, 2016

Author Biography:

Throughout her life, Loretta Anne Woodward Veney, author of Being My Mom’s Mom, has chronicled family events through journals, photos, and videos, seeking to capture every moment. After learning that her beloved mother Doris was the first female in the family to suffer from dementia, Loretta began documenting the details of doctor visits, and recording people, places, and things as a substitute for lost memory. Loretta, a motivational teacher and trainer, who has delivered speeches and presentations and conducted workshops throughout the US and Europe, through her book, her first self published work, offers a wealth of encouragement.


Being My Mom's Mom:

“Being My Mom’s Mom” invites readers on my personal journey before and after the onset of my Mom’s dementia. Personal vignettes highlight the heartache and humor in this life-changing disease. I offer strategies from real experience for building the best care team for loved ones, increasing one's capacity for patience, and making the most of every day. I confirm the difficulty of acknowledging when it’s time to become the “parent of a parent”. I also offer hope that loving relationships with dementia sufferers can continue, even in the realization that the past is forgotten, and the future is the present.


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Loretta Woodward Veney is an author, speaker and trainer who for more than twenty-five years has motivated, taught and trained audiences throughout the United States and Europe. She is founder and principal consultant of Superior Training Solutions, LLC in Clinton, MD. 

Since her first book, Being My Mom's Mom, was published in 2013 Loretta has delivered more than 150 presentations on dementia and elder care planning for the Alzheimer's Association, Alzheimer's support groups, church groups and memory care facilities throughout the United States. Her presentations chronicle her nine year journey with her Mom's dementia as their parent - child roles have reversed. Their journey has been faithful, funny, heartbreaking and hopeful. 

Loretta provides training in the areas of Communication, Management and Leadership, as well as themed courses using LEGO bricks. Loretta is a trained facilitator in the LEGO Serious Play methodology and works with individuals, teams and organizations overcome challenges, and improve business productivity, communication.