Self-Published Writers Need to Find a Way to Get Their Name in Headlines

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On May 11, 2017

By Mark P. Sadler

When I published my self-published novel, Blood on His Hands, I knew that I would be doing all the promotions. I had made all the normal preparation; set up a Facebook account, started to Twitter, had a great-looking website. I went out and solicited all the local indie book stores, set up signings, met with Friends of Library groups, and eighteen months later still had sold less than 300 books.Blood On His Hands

One of the things that I enjoyed doing was reading other authors blogs. It was cool to see what other people where writing and recommending. With so many demands on personal time I could find like-minded authors and reviewers and order their suggestions at the library all without having to leave my computer.

I set up my own blog to write about writing and to review books hoping others might benefit from my musings as I had done from others. While browsing reviews I discovered an online magazine, Suspense Magazine. They had great reviews and the genre was what I read and write. I even asked them to review my novel. They did, and with great enthusiasm and even asked me if I would like to review for them. In return they would send me boxes of books, many ARC’s from some of my favorite authors, and I was going to have others read my opinion. On every review I wrote my name and my novel’s title…reviewed by Mark P Sadler, Author of Blood on His Hands. I was fortunate enough to find a growing organization. After four months the magazine went from 10,000 subscribers on line to printing 30,000 copies and having them distributed to over 500 Barnes and Nobles nationally. With the New Year they are now going out internationally to at least five other countries outside on North America. In the first distribution they did a two-page full color Q&A feature on me. Hopefully that will produce more sales. 


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I have now taken the opportunity one step further and have had two free-lance articles approved for publication to accompany reviews that I am doing to highlight authors of my choice. If nothing else it is building a writing portfolio that when my next novel, MANACLED, is ready for publishing I can find an agent and publishing company. No offense to Infinity Publishing who have been a joy to work with but next time out if I can find a publisher to help set up my book, due to my limited time (I work fulltime, read, review, blog and write – unfortunately in that order)

Within the first week of going e-book I already have a sale. I have had over a dozen authors send me ARC’s independently of Suspense Magazine to review for them. I am a known commodity and in demand. When the time comes for reviews and blurbs of my book guess who I will be calling on to help me. Reviewing for a magazine, on line or in print, will build your profile, get your name in print and perhaps help get you discovered.


Leaving his native West Midlands home in England in 1975 Sadler attended college in Texas, before settling down to raise a family in Oklahoma City while working as an investigator and collector for a credit collections company, and freelancing as a sports writer for local publications.  Sadler lives with his wife in Tucson, where he is working on his next novel. For additional information visit


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