Why more customers aren’t buying your new book

Published On Sep 27, 2014

Author: Patrick T. Malone

Book Title: Cracking the Code to Leadership

Marketing Subject: Reaching the broader marketplace

Your new book’s marketing campaign is well under way, and all the early readers love it. The initial surge in revenue was nice, but sustaining that momentum and achieving the real revenue potential across the broader marketplace is proving to be a challenge. You might want to try a new radio station: WSIC—Why Should I Care?

Your readers bought the book virtually unassisted. All they really needed was to understand the content of your new offering, and they could translate those into their potential benefits. They are the risk-takers, the early adopters, and they have the need to be first. Unfortunately, these early positive reactions have caused many book launches to fail.

The real revenue potential is in the broader market, and your potential readers in that space are not as adept at translating your book’s features and functions into benefits. They are not risk-takers. In addition, they do not want to be sold. But they need your help deciding whether to buy.

And by the way, they don't want to educate you about their interests. But they do expect you to do your homework. The broader market is listening to WSIC – Why Should I care?

Unfortunately, many of us get so excited about a new book launch and its initial success that we end up trying to tell this market every benefit we can offer. Guess what? They don't care, and your laundry list of benefits doesn't tell them why they should care. The answer to "Why Should I Care?" is the one benefit that is important to them.

Each market for your book is different and needs to be approached differently. In the case of our book, Cracking the Code to Leadership http://thepargroup.com/crackingCode.html will have a different impact on entry level employees, sales people, managers/supervisors and executives. Our marketing plan spoke to each group individually and as a consequence had appeal and sales across the broader market.

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