Quality Without Compromise: Redefining Writing Success

Published On Sep 27, 2014

Author Name: Michael Cervin

Book title(s): Generous Fiction

Marketing Subject: Publish Your Poetry and Find Success

publish poetryPoetry ain't like other literature, and chances are it's a tough sell to even the most ardent of fans. Well, then why do it? Poetry is that rare form of communication, concise, full of imagery, cadence and tone. But poetry is a long lost art and very few people take it seriously anymore. Today's "poetry" is more akin to Twitter, 140 characters in a limited context in search of an audience. Why then did I publish my book of poetry, Generous Fiction? And can I consider this a success?

First off my book is not a financial success, so let's get that straight up front. Perhaps I'll actually make money, down the road; way down the road and around the bend and over the large hill in the distance. But unequivocally my book is a success. It's a success because it is the culmination of years of wanting. I was first paid as a poet when I was 14 years old, no doubt a promising beginning. And several of my poems found their way into journals like Poetry Motel, Into the Teeth of the Wind, Bayou, and I've even read two of my poems of National Public Radio.

But the pieces I was most in love with, those gems of language, were not assembled into a cohesive unit and chances are they would have not seen the light of day. I published Generous Fiction to express that long pent up frustration of not being heard. Yes I am a successful fulltime writer with national travel books and thousands of articles under my belt, but no one cared about my poetry. Therefore as a labor of love I used Infinity to produce something I am immensely proud of.

This is my book, and frankly I did it for me. Yes, I promote it, and sell copies, but the success of this book is all about creating a platform to be heard, at least for those who have ears to hear. I'm pleased with the success of Generous Fiction, pleased that this book of poetry has been given voice without compromise.

I encourage anyone to consider making their dream a reality. There might be no money in it, but it is the best gift you can leave behind; your voice on paper. And you can be proud that your poetry, that beautiful, lyrical language, will have a home, somewhere. And who knows, you might make a buck or two along the way.

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