Limitations or Perseverance in Book Marketing

Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Marilyn Stewart

I have learned many life lessons through observing wildlife. Creatures do not worry, see limitations, care what other animals think, do, bark, chirp, or meow at them. They totally accept that life is a struggle and live in the “now” with - perseverance. 

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I was surprised to see a Gila Flicker, a bird the size of a woodpecker, trying to light, hang onto and sip nectar from my small hummingbird feeder. The days it tried over and over to just get a single sip turned into over a week of determined effort. Lots of angry hummingbirds diving around and at it, hitting its body on the glass and not being able to grasp hold of anything didn’t discourage it. It tried leaping up from the window sill, fluttering down from the eaves and flying at it from various angles. It never seemed to consider giving up. Its mentality was total perseverance - that of try, try again.

It finally mastered how to fly in and grasp hold of the slender circular perch. The large bird at first just hung on, clinging desperately as it dangled under the violently swinging feeder, and then it would fly off. The flicker had yet to figure out how to get its’ weigh shifted in order to get a drink.

The Gila Flicker knew failure was not an option if in the future it was to enjoy many sweet drinks. Eventually, after trial and error it learned to tuck its long tail under the feeder, twist its body, and curl its head. Its weight caused the feeder to lean enough so that his beak had to just barely go into the hole to sip the sugary nectar.

Over time the Gila Flicker taught its whole family and the hummingbirds learned to share.

Real estate agents theme: Location. Location. Location.

Authors & speakers theme: Perseverance. Perseverance.  Perseverance.

Instead of thinking of our limitations may we be reminiscent of the Gila Flicker. As writers and speakers, be tenacious, dogged, never give up trying.

In this New Year, may the word “Perseverance” be our theme.


Marilyn is an informative and entertaining speaker who shares insights regarding Australia, its indigenous people, their culture and artifacts. She relates fascinating stories from her own life and that of her family. Her first book, an autobiography titled Child of the Outback, is a gripping narrative. She is available to address groups in mobile home parks, campgrounds, RV rallies, churches, and conferences. Marilyn and her husband John make their home in Arizona with their Pomeranians, Cinco and Seis.

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