Children's Book series inspiring children to keep a healthy mind, body and spirit

Published On Sep 27, 2014


Author Name: Cynthia W. Post

Book titles: Meet Carrie Flower: Carrie Flower Goes To Camp: Carrie Flower Goes To The Hospital: Carrie Flower's Book for Brighter Days

Marketing Subject: Children's Book series inspiring children to keep a healthy mind, body and spirit and to meet adversity with love and understanding.  "Don't Be Afraid, Be A Friend"


meetcarrieflowercover 148x148 resized 600My life consist of an eclectic series of obstacles that I overcame and now embrace as stars added to my soul.

Our world is vastly changing and it is awakening to the cries of the universe. Create your day with love and empathy for others and you will grow stronger from the experience. Life's burdens are only how you perceive them.

When my friend, Donna, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she confided in me—openly and honestly—about her illness and treatment, and about the emotional strength needed to fight the disease. Donna told me that one of the most distressing and unexpected effects of her illness came, not from the disease itself, but from family and friends! People she knew would shy away and avoid her, which really hurt. I tried, unsuccessfully, to reassure her that this was because they just didn’t know what to say.

carrie hospital 148x148 resized 600Then, a few years later, I was also diagnosed with breast cancer. I notice the same thing was happening in my daily interactions with friends and family. It was, to say the least, unsettling. As I talked with other people afflicted with the illness I found that they, too, experienced these isolating changes in their lives.

It occurred to me that we cannot change the adult perception of sick people, but we have a chance with children. I do feel as though I can show the next generation how to avoid this hurtful change in their interactions with sick family members and friends.

So I created Carrie Flower and wrote three books about her. She shares sensitive, real life problems—trying to make healthful choices in everyday life. Carrie goes to camp and deals with strange flowers. that are different from herself. She spends time in the hospital and meets a very sick flower, whom she befriends. She shares these problems and solutions in fun stories that enrich our understanding and simplify our grasp of the difficulty at hand.

Carrie is a sunflower who introduces readers to new flowers. Through these introductions she broadens and enhances the acceptance of differences. My daughter, Kirby Brislin, has brilliantly brought these characters to life through her illustrations.

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