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Published On Sep 27, 2014

Author Name: Cynthia W. Post

Book title(s): Meet Carrie Flower, Carrie Flower Goes To Camp, Carrie Flower Goes To The Hospital,  Carrie Flower's Book For Brighter Days

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A Man Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place Royalty Free Clipart Picture 100415 125409 371042I recently went to see the movie "127 Hours"  with my daughter.

The movie is based on Aron Ralston's memoir "Between a Rock and a hard place".  While he is in Utah climbing alone, he experiences a terrible accident and gets trapped in a isolated canyon. While falling his arm gets wedged between the wall of the canyon and a boulder. He is stuck! The only way out is to cut off his arm and, needless to say, it takes him some time to amputate the arm, once he decides to do it.

In that same light I was reminded about a woman who, after years of her husband's lies and cheating, had her sons came to her and offer to pay to get him out of the house.

Her response to the boys was "You don't like your father and me together?" She was stuck in that life.

When we aren't willing to deal with life and change we stop the creative juices we were gifted with. Our focus, our priority, shifts and it becomes all about that painful situation. 

It is my feeling that we are suppose to change - we shed dead skin cells, we grow new hair and nails, animals shed their hair, cold water creatures shed their skin, birds change their environment from summer to winter.  

Most of us don't have to use such extreme measures that we have to cut off our arm, but we create it to be that serious in our heads.

I am pretty sure that if you inquire about your family history, you will find someone who stayed in a marriage with infidelity, alcoholism, gambling, etc.

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The point is that we use it as an excuse not to achieve.

What is the boulder in your life that keeps you stuck?

Who are the people in your life? Are they achieving their goals or are they riding on you? 

Your books are your words and your expression, no matter what you are writing about. 

Don't let the obvious boulder or dysfunctional person stop you from moving forward with your dream - Be on the best sellers list!                        

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