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Published On Sep 27, 2014

Author’s Name: Joseph Schott

Book Title: A Spirit of Hope

Marketing Subject:  Mind, Spirit, Near Death Experience (NDE), Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), Spiritual Logic/ Memory, Material Logic/ Memory, Science, afterlife, hope

Hello, my name is Joseph Schott. I have a mission to share my story with others. I hope this blog site will be a way to do that.  My book is about a mystical experience that I had as a child. Being a mathematician and a scientifically oriented person, this never made much sense to me. I have explored this, and wish to help others have hope, faith, and encouragement by sharing my journey.

Before going into any of the details about my book, I feel I should give you some background information about myself:  I was born in 1933 in a small town named Archbald in the anthracite coal region of Northeast Pennsylvania. My elementary schooling was in Archbald and South Canaan with High School in Waymart, Pa. After High School and while in the U.S. Air Force, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in mathematics with a minor in science at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. In the Air Force, my work consisted entirely of cruise missile control systems. As a civilian, my career included an engineering assignment on the Saturn V/ Apollo moon launch program at Cape Kennedy, Fl. After the successful completion of the moon mission, I worked for Siemen’s Corp as a senior engineer in charge of a Metrology/ Standards LAB. (Metrology is the science of measurement). After about 20 years with Siemen’s in a fast-moving, exciting career, I retired.

It is with this background that I was nudged into writing A Spirit of Hope.

So why should I say that I was “nudged” into writing a book?  After reading about my background, it is very evident that my career was based very deep in the material world. Talking about spirits is a radical shift in the thought process; I really was apprehensive about even starting the project. But then, I had no choice in the matter. An inner conviction urged me on.

This story really begins with an appearance of an apparition of my paternal grandmother witnessed simultaneously by my mother and me. It was nighttime and the chandelier with one low-wattage bulb   served as a night light, enabling us to easily see objects within the room. My grandmother appeared, looked around at my mother and me, left a message, and then left us by slowly rising through the ceiling of the room. My grandmother had died about one month earlier.

A Spirit of Hope is a nonfiction book with 4 parts: religion versus science/ a summary of spiritual encounters/spiritual entities/a viewpoint on material and spiritual reality.

After discussing the four parts in detail, we come to realize that everything that can be said about   spiritual reality is inconclusive evidence or conjecture.

There must be a new way of looking at the spiritual domain. That is the challenge faced by   humanity. With that in mind, we look at chapter 10 in the book-The Challenge Before Us- and note one of the priorities-Devising a valid test of OBE’s as a result of NDE’s. A valid test of OBE activity is important because it can eliminate the conjecture associated with the current inconclusive evidence surrounding OBE activity.  If successfully implemented, A Near Death Out-of-Body Research Project described in chapter 10 can eliminate the conjecture associated with OBE activity.

Please feel free to email me with your questions and thoughts. You may also purchase a copy of my book at: Joeschot AT verizon DOT net or you may link to Infinity’s Publishing site at:  and click on side bar Body, Mind, Spirit, scrolling to book #5.

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