Selling More Books to Your Readers

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

By Bob O’Connor


If you have one book in print congratulations. Please make sure you capture the addresses and/or e-mails of your purchasers. They will want to purchase you second book too. And it is easier to sell to someone you know has read your first book than just any random person.


When I publish a new book (I have seven in print), I have a postcard made with the book cover on it. I print 1000 at a cost of about $100. It costs 32 cents to send out. So I have 42 cents invested. I hand address each one. My return in actual book sales is very high. Where else can you spend 42 cents to reach your target audience?


The postcard sends them to my website to purchase the books. I have a form on my website that allows them to purchase and tell me how they want me to sign the book. Of course, they have to pay the postage for me to ship the book to them.


What about those I only have e-mail for? I send a newsletter to them quite often, but not every month. I put in information concerning my new book, places I am appearing in the near future and other pertinent information. See if that doesn’t work for you too.


Bob O'ConnorBob lives in Charles Town, West Virginia, close to most of the sites of his books. He is a well-respected member of the travel industry and a long time journalist and photographer. He initiated two of the area’s most popular annual events, the Independence Concert at Antietam Battlefield in July and the Memorial Illumination at Antietam Battlefield in December. He lives close to his six grandchildren and his two children. His next historical novel follows two brothers who fought against each other in the Civil War. The book is called "A House Divided Against Itself". Contact him through his website

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