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Published On Sep 27, 2014

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Author: Dr. Karen Moriarty

ISBN: 978-0-7414-7031-7

Even if you have till date managed to remain a non-fan of MJ the artist, this reading and subsequent Defending a King resized 600understanding of MJ the man will make you an instant fan.

I’ve always been a huge fan of MJ, I’ve loved the fact that he was a self-made man, a little boy who worked hard from the age of five in the glare of flashlights and media, always the performer, giving his family a better life, who made it his passion to see to it that the message of love and peace was shared across the globe in the best way that he could – through his music and his compassion.

So when I began reading, it was an emotional roller coaster for me. I must, in the very beginning, give full credit to Dr. Karen Moriarty, for her detailed research and for being able to provide more than enough proof against all those allegations that MJ has faced over the years.

The MJ we saw was the MJ that the media portrayed to us. The MJ who lives in the pages of this book is the real MJ – a father whose world was his three children, an unconditional giver of love and support, a man with a golden heart who always kept his home, property and finances open for all those needy children and their parents who would benefit from some help or other – the soul of a small, innocent boy trapped in the body of an adult man.

Rumour after rumour, the author goes on to describe how Michael’s insecurities and acts of kindness have been turned into a media circus day after day:

The biggest fear Michael had was not being able to protect his children. And it was because of this that he went to unfathomable lengths to protect and shield them from the media and from the world. Being one of the biggest names in the world, he knew how big targets his children could be, and hence he took the extreme step of keeping them covered, a move that the media made into a spectacle, labelling him a ‘whacko’ who kept his children and himself in veils.

Not many were aware of the fact that Michael suffered from a skin condition that caused his skin to pigment, and that he was medically required to stay away from sunlight, hence the umbrella. This again was turned into a media circus.

When Michael donated an oxygen chamber to a children’s ward, he wanted to try it out himself to see if it worked well or not, and the next thing you know, the media had pictures of him, claiming that MJ used a special oxygen chamber for himself to maintain his looks.

Michael had always been surrounded by bodyguards, and had people to work his accounts from the age of five; hence he never got the chance to handle things on his own. This led to a dependency on people, and he did trust a few around him. But those around him were not so honest, as they led Michael to believe, and as the author sadly realised too. People stole from him left, right and center. And not only outsiders, family members were involved too.

The staff at Neverland was instructed to give free access to sick children and their parents to his home, kitchen and any place they wished for. They stayed for weeks and months, all on MJ’s money. And later, when they recovered and were asked to leave, they filed lawsuits, claiming compensations.

The worst mistake Michael did was to never speak out. Being intensely private, he believed if he would only give people what they asked, the problems would be over. But this only brought on more trouble. MJ faced upto 50 lawsuits a week throughout his life! And he paid them all! Though he was not guilty!

MJ was so affected by troubled children that he was repeatedly scared of reading the papers or switching the TV, so that he did not stumble across a picture of a hurt child. Everywhere he toured in any part of the globe, he made it a point to visit one place where needy children would benefit and make donations. Even on his last day, he was speaking of making the Michael Jackson Children’s Hospital, which would be the biggest in the world.

It’s a shame what we did to him. Each rumour, each fact, each gesture can only make you cry and want to reach out to this purest of pure souls and just envelop him in a hug. If only we had been a little more human towards him. What a shame on us all.

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