Author Interview: Positive Power Secrets from A to Z

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Published On Sep 27, 2014

Welcome to our Author Interview series. 

Today we're featuring an interview with Laura Turner Lynch, author of Positive Power Secrets from A to Z: An Introduction to the ABCs of Personal Transformation. Our author interview series provides an opportunity for our readers to get to know our authors on a deeper level and also learn more about the types of books we're publishing.

Laura Turner Lynch has been an avid reader and in many ways a writer since an early age. As0741475200 the power secrets a to z by laura turner lunch resized 600 a child, the library was one of her favorite places and it still is. Over the years, Mrs. Lynch has read numerous books on the power of positive thinking and visualization. Laura absorbed these subjects like a sponge and realized that many important themes repeat and reinforce themselves in the genre. It was then, that Laura hoped to share her list and observations with others and thus Positive Power Secrets from A to Z was conceived and now presented to you.

Synopsis: Positive Power Secrets from A to Z

Tap into a power that leads to happiness, health and success. It is as easy as ABC with Positive Power Secrets from A to Z!

Does the world really need another book about the power of positive thinking and visualization? Many great works, which have become classics, are available. Yet, my answer is YES, because each author has their own unique spin on the secrets. Positive Power Secrets from A to Z is an inspiring look at the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. For each letter of the alphabet key concepts, affirmation and actions are presented for the reader to pick the paths and prose that suites them. The book is dedicated to blessing and building people up and I believe you will find that Positive Power Secrets from A to Z is transformative.

Since Positive Power Secrets from A to Z is about transformation, 10 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Habitat for Humanity a non-profit organization committed to providing affordable safe housing to people around the world.

Author Interview:

Here’s your chance to market your book.  Describe it.  And why readers should pick it up?

Positive Power Secrets from A to Z is a short and sweet introduction to the basics of positive thinking, visualization and the Law of Attraction. It is a primer for those who have heard these terms and would like to know more. For others who are more familiar with these topics it is a concise overview of concepts and reinforces the conviction in the might of the mind.

Why do you think your readers are going to enjoy your book?

I think that readers will enjoy the book as a source of happiness, hope and transformation.

Who designed the cover?

Chris at Infinity designed the cover. I shared a few basic ideas with Chris and he nailed it on the first try. I like how he crafted the o in Power to be a shining sun.

List three adjectives that describe your book as a whole:

Helpful, hopeful and positive!

Who inspires you?

I find inspiration from many sources. I enjoy biographies, the classics, fiction and books about the power of positive thinking. I have been a big fan of Jack Canfield and the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series for years. His personal story of success and all the touching tales from the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books encourage and excite me.

Where do you find your ideas? Does something trigger them? Do you carry around a notebook in case inspiration strikes?

My ideas for Positive Power Secrets from A to Z came from reflecting on all of my blessings. I carried around a notebook and started jotting down words that related to happiness, health and thanksgiving. When it came time to write the book, I reviewed the lists and chose the terms that I thought were the most powerful and proceeded from there.

What are your thoughts on self-publishing verses traditional publishing?

There are pros and cons to both sides but in the electronic age, I believe that self-publishing has many benefits. From what I have read even if an un-known author is able to get a deal with a traditional publisher he/she will still have to do most of their own marketing. Since the author has to do the work anyway they might as well self-publish to maintain the rights to their book and earn more royalties

If you were told your stories were unbelievable and no written very well, would you continue to write? What would your response be?

Many great inventors, painters and writers have heard words of discouragement but continued because they had passion for their work and the world is a better place for their determination. In my case, I would still write and ask why they thought it was not well written. From there, I would look to see if there was truth in the comments and make changes accordingly.

Do you like to travel? If so where is your favorite city?

I enjoy traveling and relish hiking and visiting the incredible National Parks here in the United States. Although I do not camp, I love nature but if I had to pick a favorite city if would be New York. There is so much to explore in NYC – diverse neighborhoods, architecture, Broadway, food, music, museums and Central Park – a huge green space in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

Why did you decide to publish with Infinity Publishing?

After I researched and called a number of publishers, I found that Infinity from the onset took the time to answer all of my questions. The free booklet Becoming a Published Author reflected Infinity’s professionalism and clearly outlined the publishing process from start to finish.


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