Author Interview: Of Love and Evil the Birth

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Published On Sep 27, 2014

Welcome to our Author Interview series. 

Today we're featuring an interview with Hubert de La Bouillerie, author of Of Love and Evil the Birth. Our author interview series provides an opportunity for our readers to get to know our authors on a deeper level and also learn more about the types of books we're publishing.  This is one book you don't want to miss!  (See book trailer below.)

Author Bio:

Hubert de La Bouillerie resized 600With roots and creative sensibilities in both America and France, Hubert de La Bouillerie first     burst on the film scene as an editor, quickly becoming one of the most sought after talents in  Hollywood.  He cut over 30 top feature films and many major television projects before turning to directing and writing.

The film adaptation of Of Love And Evil The Birth is underway, as are parts two and three of the trilogy: Of Love And Evil The Pact and Of Love and Evil The Final Battle.

Book Synopsis:

Brooke Mirande, a beautiful young heiress mourning the death of her mother, Helen Mirande, has just inherited full control of a multi-media empire. She rapidly finds herself torn between a love affair, with the gorgeous dot-com entrepreneur Robert Redman, and the strange, dark legacy of her mother. Aided by her friend, award winning journalist, Dani Bates, and her guerilla band of investigators, Brooke begins a desperate search for the truth of her heritage. A truth that reveals a conspiracy that could even include the love of her life, Robert Redman.

Of Love and Evil The Birth by Hubert de La Bouillerie resized 600From its opening scene in the blood-spattered snow of Utah to its electrifying final sequence atop Manhattan's skyline, Of Love And Evil The Birth is a non-stop, action-filled thrill ride.

Complete and compelling on its own, Of Love And Evil The Birth is the first volume of an epic trilogy that promises to expand and deepen the intricate plot; the ultimate war between good and evil that is at the heart of this powerful story.

Author Interview:

Why should readers pick up, Of Love and Evil the Birth?

Crisscrossing continents and centuries, this epic love story, that began over 400 years ago with a pact made with the Devil in the name of love, is played out against the backdrop of today's world of high technology and social media. Of Love And Evil The Birth is a masterwork of twisted imagination; a supernatural thriller to rival Rosemary's Baby and The Omen.

It’s The Exorcist meets The Social Network. This book rivals The Omen and The Exorcist. It is even better than your favorite Dan Brown or John Grisham story.

Without giving away details, Can you describe one interesting scene in your book in less than two sentences?

Two park rangers find a little girl in the middle of a Utah forest, sitting on a cabin porch hammock, singing a strange song. Inside the cabin, six people lay dead.

Can you describe your heroine in one sentence?

A woman full of love and passion who realizes her destiny is to save the world.

Where did you grow up? How did your hometown (or other places you have lived) inspire your writing?

I grew up in New York City and Paris, France. I was surrounded by great artists and art.

Do you have a specific writing style?

Very visual and emotional. I am also extremely strong with action!

What is the best book you've read?

Too many to name, Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco,  A Man by Oriana Fallaci, Godfather by Mario Puzo, Kalki and Duluth by Gore Vidal.

Where do you see your writing career in five years?

Best-seller status and Oscars for my screenplays.

Does your family support you in your writing career?

They believe in me creatively, especially my amazing wife.

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

Directing movies and writing movie scripts (screenplays)

Why did you decide to publish with Infinity Publishing?

After a long and thoughtful search into self-publishing, Infinity seemed to be the right fit for my first novel. The people and their presentation were by far the most compelling.

ISBN: 0-7414-7883-8 ©2012
Price: $22.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 358 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Romance / Historical

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