Book Excerpt: Twin Justice Survived: Our Stories of Bullying

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Twin Justice Survived: Our Stories of Bullying by Sandy Logan

Book Synopsis:

Twins Justice Survived Our Stories of Bullying resized 600Sandy Logan is a writer, songwriter and a business woman who has seen many acts of bullying throughout her life. She has mentored and listened to many stories about surviving bullying abuse.

There have been recent acts among various groups, organizations and celebrities to prevent bullying. Sandy is hoping her message will assist with the effort and perhaps give the bully a second thought when they have an urge to tease and ridicule an individual. She hopes that her book will raise enough attention to make bullying not just a conversation piece, but one that will force action by everyone.

Book Expert:

Your little boy falls down and you say, “Don’t cry, be a big boy.” Your little boy holds in his tears and pain and eventually runs away like nothing ever happened. The same holds true to little girls. We would say, “Don’t be a baby, you’re a big girl now.” The girl walks away with loud sniffles, but don’t cry. The pain she once knew eventually ceases to exist. The same holds true when your sibling teases you and make you cry. Mom would stop the verbal abuse and say, “Now apologize. That’s not nice.” Afterwards, we would face our punishment.

However, what happens when the teasing doesn’t stop? What happens when there are no referees to stop the occurrence? What happens when the abused one is kicked, teased, insulted and humiliated so bad that they cannot recover? Imagine there is no one there, but a hall full of laughing and screaming kids and you are all alone being humiliated and shamed. Imagine going through life on a daily basis being verbally and physically abused and you feel there is no one there to talk to. Eventually you lose any sense of self-esteem you once had. Your creditability and self worth is completely destroyed.

The authorities brush you off by telling you there is someone you can talk to. However, you know that being shoved off to just anyone can be harmful. Their actions may make life even more unbearable. Their actions may stir up the unruly crowd and engage others to join. Imagine living in a world day after day – scared and alone. What would you do? Can you even forget/forgive the bully’s actions?

Twin Justice explores bullying to the extreme. The book shows life in the eyes of the victim. It explores every aspect of the victim’s pain as if the weapon of cruelty was actually entered into the readers’ body. The pain will hit you like being stabbed in the back feeling the violent strokes being pressured and twisted over and over again. The goal of the book is to draw these emotions and feel the pain of the characters. The characters in many ways are real. We all know someone or have heard of someone who suffered from this type of abuse. Like it or not, we have all been engaged with some type of bullying. We were either picked on or perhaps participated in the humiliation of others. However, if you can’t think of anything, try harder.

The pain is real. You may not see it, but soon as the doors close, the emotions will come out. Unfortunately, innocent people may become victims of the rage. On the other hand, maybe the individual will just withdraw from others all together.

The book narrates the worst of times for these individuals. It will leave you breathless. Hopefully, the emotions you endure will lead you into becoming a lead in the struggle. Don’t be a follower. If you see someone being abused at work or school – speak up. We always seem to hesitate in fear of not minding our own business. Well guess what? You are minding your own business. The moment the abuse occurred right before your very eyes, it became your business. The twins in the book did not have that luxury. No one spoke up for them. The taunts and teasing they received left them with scars that never healed.

The book will hopefully inspire all to be respectful of one another. If not, there is a message for the Bullies. The message is simply – What if they come back? The victims can all come back. When they regain their strength and momentum, they will strike quick and they will strike hard.

Imagine 10 years have gone by and you are now the President of an organization or possibly running for some type of office. You have reached the peak of your career and now on your way of obtaining your lifetime goal. You turn around and a disgraceful memory from your past stares you right in the face. This is a disturbing memory that only you created. Perhaps you have forgotten about the ordeal; however, the victim has not. Now it is the victims’ time to wreck YOUR world. Welcome to the story of the Wilson Twins.


Twin Justice Survived: Our Stories of Bullying

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What happens to an individual who is constantly abused, ridiculed, and demeaned by Bullies? What happens later when they try, but can’t forget? Well --They get even.