10 Websites That Offer Free Marketing Resources for Authors

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Sherrie Wilkolaski

If you're following my 12 Month Book Marketing Plan, you should be working on your editorial calendar right about now and getting your content out there for this new year.  Many authors like the idea of guest blogging or doing online author interviews, as a general practice or as part of their online blog tour, but are not sure where to go to get things started.  No need to worry, I'm here to help.  

Value of this exercise.  I can tell you from personal experience that guest blogging has 76207 7087 resized 600provided me some incredible professional opportunities as a writer and journalist. On a regular basis, I am offered invites to guest blog on a variety of websites and the sites keep getting better and better over time. Additionally, there are many outlets that want to republish articles that I have already written, which provides me with more exposure, link back to my own site and another way for Google to find me. 

Authors with published content and links back to their website, have a better opportunity for having their books discovered.  To sell more books you need to have your book listed on as many sites as possible, particularly those that are publishing and reader-focused.  You’ll establish yourself as a writer and will get your title in front of other authors and readers. 

In addition to sites where you can publish content, I’ve thrown in some other fun ways to market your content with everything from free websites and banners.  Enjoy!

10 websites with free tools for authors to market their books (+2 bonus sites)

  1. Infinity Publishing Blog.  Of course that is our favorite pick!  We are always looking for guest bloggers, have thousands of subscribers and we use blog content in our newsletter which goes out to 20K+. 
  2. PrettyPosts.com This is a cool free tool authors can use to create a very professional looking online ad or mini-webpage. You can link to it from sites like Craigslist, post from your Facebook fan page or sent out on Twitter.    
  3. PubSmartAuthor.com. Guest bloggers wanted and they are looking for online author interviews.  You can add your content directly from the website via their submissions page. Excellent opportunity for exposure both on and offline, they promote via radio as well.
  4. www.culturalbook.com.  This is a site community and what is great about it, you get your account started and post your profile and you’re able to connect with other authors.  What I like about being on this site, is that do a lot of cross promotion on numerous other websites, so that provides the potential of discovery and you’re getting a backlink from a website with a nice page rank and traffic.
  5. http://indiebookspot.com. Submit for book reviews and online interviews.  Fabulous site!
  6. www.authors.com.  Similar to CulturalBook.com, it is an online community.  Set-up your profile and connect with other writers and you can use their blog feature to republish your blogs.
  7. http://www.bannersnack.com/en/.  You’re going to have fun with this site! You can make your online banners for free. Lots of templates to choose from. Click on the dropdown menu and you’ll find other “snack” products like online polls.
  8. http://www.snackwebsites.comHere is another snack for you…free online website tool. I recommend using this as an extra website because it doesn’t hurt to have more than one way to promote your book. 
  9. Facebook Author App I think the name says it all. It is free app that lets you promote your book on your fan page and will link directly to Amazon to sell your book.
  10. http://shortstackapp.com/.  More apps. Get creative with these tools!

Bonus targeted sites:

www.shewrites.com.  This site is for the ladies. Go ahead and set-up a free account and then re-publish your blog content on your own personal blog. You may have your blog featured on their site.  Great SEO exposure.

www.thrillerink.com  If you’re a thriller, suspense or mystery writer, get on over to ThrillerInk and post your guest blog or online author interview.  They love to include book trailers in their posts, so if you have one, don’t be shy and include it.  Go directly to their blog submissions page and enter in your article.  Targeted exposure for your niche.


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