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Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Book trailers are a wonderful promotional tool for any author.  We are asking all of our authors to send us their book trailer videos so that we can promote them on our YouTube channel and on our blog.  Email with a link to your video on YouTube. Here are a few of our authors who have already jumped at our free marketing support. 

Tell us which video is your favorite below.

Winner and Final Chairman by Norman Hill

An Expose of an American Corporate Power Struggle and $138 Million Golden Parachute If you read Barbarians at the Gates or followed Enron, you'll enjoy this fictionalized version of a corporate power struggle. It shows how a visionary business plan, not followed through, and never-ending corporate politics, undid a promising turnaround.

Lost Mojo by Kris Sedersten

For six small-town teenagers, the haunting begins with a "ghost hunting" project and the sudden disappearance of two of their own. Their Lost Mojo by Kris Sedersten Lost Mojoresearch into urban legends in their hometown leads them to an isolated farmhouse—haunted by its dark secrets, the discovery of unmarked graves, and paranormal activity that portends something diabolically evil.

Human Interference by Donald L. Reavis

The new air traffic control system is implemented throughout the United States reducing fifteen thousand air traffic controllers to mere monitors. While technology was at work replacing the radar controllers, deep inside the system things were not adding up. Just like a sleeper cell awakens to rain destruction and chaos amongst the citizens, the virus planted within the program of the Next Generation Air Traffic Control System awakens to create destruction and chaos in the skies across America

Blood On His Hands by Mark P. Sadler

A racy thriller that will lead you on a journey to rural Georgia as detective Ian Walker stalks escaped wife killer Mike Renton to a bloody conclusion on the Appalachian Trail.


Tick Tock Stop the Clock  by Lois W.Stern

It's nice to know that even in times of economic downturn we can find affordable ways to enhance our beauty. Get pretty on your lunch hour - without the knife.

Which of these book trailers is your favorite?  Tell us below...

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