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Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Sherrie Wilkolaski

Happy Monday Authors!  This week our focus is on how to use your eBook to better market title.  My first question to you…is your book in eBook format as well as print?  I hope your answer is yes.  If yes, read marketing tips below.

What if you don’t have an eBook version of your title?

This is your week to get your book converted to an ePub, which is an electronic format of a book that can be easily read on any eReader.  Why is this so important?  Having an eBook provides your book more exposure and room for discovery with readers who prefer an electronic book.  Once your book is formatted for print, you’re one step away from having an ePub created and it’s very inexpensive to do.  Have Infinity Publishing convert your book today!

eBook Marketing Tips:

  1. Promote your book to eBook readers.  There is a new generation of readers who are looking for new eBooks, let yours be one of them!  Reach out to online forums and sites that are eBook focused.  See if you can do an online interview or guest blog post…it can’t hurt.  Many sites are genre specific (i.e. thrillers, romance, etc.) so start searching for your niche today!
  2. Less expensive option. eBooks retail for less than a print book so all of your marketing copy should include your book pricing starting with your eBook.  Example, “BOOK TITLE is available starting at $7.99.”  Your print edition will be a few dollars more, so if a reader is on the fence about whether to pick up the book or not, they may just go for the eBook version, and who knows they may then buy the print book.
  3. Get more book reviews.  Once you have an eBook it is a lot less expensive to send books out for review vs. the print edition.  Be smart about who you’re emailing a free copy to don’t just send out to everyone.  Most book reviewers prefer eBooks to a printed copy, so take the time to get it out there.  After the book has been reviewed…they will market to their website audience and most likely, post to Amazon and Goodreads
  4. Giveaways.  Having an eBook allows you to do free book giveaways to your website visitors and on other sites that are looking for freebies.

Tell us below how you are using your eBook to promote your title!

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