Marketing Goal of the Week…Go Back in Time

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Sherrie Wilkolaski

Hello from Buffalo, NY!  Today, I'm working and writing from my hometown taking a few days to visit with family.  Before I headed north, I decided to see what might be happening with my alma matter, Buffalo State College, as I was looking for an opportunity to write an article. I contacted the alumni office and low and behold, they were having a special alumni event at a Buffalo Bison's baseball game, so I signed up and brought my entire family.  In addition to connecting with Buff State, turns out I was a cheerleader for the Buffalo Bison’s, so there were now two potential buffalo bisons resized 600articles I could write, all from one idea to send a quick email.  What does all this have to do with this week's marketing goal?  Keep reading to find out.

Marketing Goal of the Week...Go Back In Time.

This week I want all authors to go back to their roots, dig into their past and reach out to their local community, college alumni office, or an old colleague or long-lost friend from their hometown and reconnect.  More importantly, I want all authors to do some research on the local media might have to offer you as an author and former resident.  Relocating gives you “former resident” stature and it’s a great market tool.  The media are always looking for a success story, shouldn’t you be one of them.

Here are some tips on how my outreach can inspire you to get your own exposure:  

  1. Take the first step. My one email to my alumni office gave me the opportunity to meet with two Buffalo State alumni team members whose jobs are to get involved with graduates to promote everything the college has to offer.  I now have two incredible contacts at my disposal. Additionally, it re-introduced me to the Buffalo Bison’s and I have another article to write and submit to the ball club and if they like it, who knows they might publish it.
  2. Make “the ask”.  After hearing from the alumni office, I signed up for tickets to the baseball game and also told them that I was interested in writing a story on my visit and they were thrilled to have that exposure in another market, outside of Buffalo, it's a benefit for them.  I let them know what I had to offer them.
  3. The reward.  The alumni coordinator is giving me a private tour of the campus today and they asked if I would submit my article to be published in the next edition of the college alumni publication, 1300 Elmwood.  Of course I said yes. 
  4. New business contacts.  While at the game I met a woman who is also in the publishing business and we exchanged numbers and there is opportunity for us to do some business together.  This was unexpected, but would not have happened if I hadn’t have done any outreach.  You never know who you might meet along the way.
  5. Reconnecting.  Going back to your roots not only opens doors to potential marketing avenues for an author, it helps to stimulate a younger version of you, opening your mind to things that may have been forgotten, but can inspire new ideas for a future book or article. My journey back in time inspired this article and more to come. 

This week, get out there and get some hometown exposure for your success as an author.  You will be glad you made the effort.  Tell us about where you’re from and how you made your mark below.  Best of luck!

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