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Published On Sep 27, 2014

Congratulations Maralyn D. Hill! You're Infinity Publishing's Author of the Week!

Maralyn Dennis Hill, The Epicurean Explorer, was born to travel and tell the tale. From local cuisine to Michelin Star, simple to gourmet, Maralyn enjoys it all. As a professional food, wine and travel writer, through guest spots on monthly radio shows, to being editor and contributor to over eight publications, print and online, she reaches several million on a continual basis, domestically and internationally.

Maralyn’s years of writing incentive programs and meeting planning expanded her talent for digging below the surface for the unusual. She thrives on discovering different cultures and customs and feels it’s the best geography lesson ever. Also, she derives great satisfaction applying her organizational development skills.

She has co-authored three books and hosted a television show for Time Warner Cable from 2002 to 2006. She is past president of The International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) and continues as a board member and co-chair of the Conference and Media Trip Committee. Maralyn is always ready to explore different flavors of various cultures and share their tale. People she meets along the way are the best part.

Take a look back at Maralyn at the 2010 Harvest on the Harbor:

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Check out some of the incredible book reviews she has received:

"Anyone who makes a habit of tuning into the Food Network—either out of boredom, curiosity or good armchair cooking fun—will revel in this cuisine and restaurant tour through six continents. It's an informative and inside look at world chefs (and their restaurants) that makes for an intriguing read for the non-cooking inclined, but a gold mine for those wanting solid step-by-step recipes and superb instruction (and secrets!) from top talent. The index catalogues each recipe and its origin for a cook's easy reference. But the pleasure reader will want to dive right into the stories of international (and American) chefs and restaurants. As one who always spends more time reading about cooking than practicing it, I found this a great source of cooking & travel fantasy."—Jane Friedman, Managing Editor, Writers Digest

"An intriguing read…Let's hope that this is the first of a series from the Traveling Hills."—Martha Simmons, Author, cooking enthusiast, former caterer, and armchair food anthropologist, Rockwell, NC

"Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel has a stance as classy as a Rolls-Royce grill"—Cork Milner, Author & Wine Connoisseur, Santa Barbara, CA

Our Love Affairs with Food and Travel is by two published authors who tell travel tales, and bring 200+ delectable recipes from chefs worldwide. Famous chefs such as Julia Child, are featured along with new emerging chefs from rustic Tuscan farmhouses, the Fijian Islands, villages, cities, and well-known culinary schools including Cordon Bleu.

The co-authors, Maralyn Hill, and Brenda Hill, have combined their travel and culinary talents. They travel the world to break bread, sip wine, and learn from nearly 100 chefs--their stories and secrets.

ISBN: 0-7414-0863-5
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 151 pages
Category/Subject: TRAVEL / General

Do you love to travel like the authors of Our Love Affairs with Food and Travel? What is your favorite place? Comment in the section below.

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