Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..August 2, 2013

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Published On Sep 27, 2014

Congratulations to our newly published authors!

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Omalat Bey Shamkhal A Prince of Daghestan
Omalat Bey Shamkhal is a powerful story of honour, loyalty, and love. Under Russian bondage, the young Prince’s destiny is forever changed—his fate dramatically sealed in startling, heartbreaking fashion. read more
by Majid Bey Qaragoyunlu, Translated by: Aktu Kagazchi ~ 0-7414-8417-X ©2013
Price: $11.95

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The Tamed: The Ashford Chronicles: Book 1
The small town of Brant Rock, Massachusetts houses a dark secret hidden within its depths. A family of vampires have learned through painstaking efforts to cohabitate peacefully with humans in this community. The leader of this vampire group is Nichole Ashford, an independent woman who strives to protect both her family and their secret. Drama begins when a new vampire clan invades the Ashford territory and settles into town. Austin Calloway, the leader of this new group, is a man who's charm and cunning nature get him whatever he wants from both humans and other vampires. Sparks fly as Nichole and Austin vie for control of the small town, leading to conflicted feelings on both sides. Adding to the chaos, an evil presence from a former life emerges seeking revenge for a past injustice. Hunter, the long-lost Ashford brother, returns to town with a vengeance extracting retribution. When a string of murders ensue, the Ashfords must fly into action...literally to protect both their identities and the innocent citizens. The Ashfords must learn to coexist with this new clan to end the bloodshed caused by Hunter. Will more humans die in the bloody wake? Will the Ashford clan lose a beloved family member? Will their dark secret finally be revealed? Ultimately, the age old battle between good and evil must be fought with monsters standing on both sides. Welcome to the War. read more
by Madison O'Shea and Jordy Renea ~ 0-7414-7870-6 ©2013
Price: $16.95

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The Good Year
What happened when Joe Ahlman kicked the wheel of his spray rig and cursed, “You damn hungry beast, you! Why do you have to eat up all our profits?” Then he cries out to God for one “good year” with a crop so big he can’t harvest it all. This is the beginning of the mystery that takes Joe and Gracie through a year in the cherry business. Will there be a good year? Will they harvest it? These are the questions orchard owners have asked themselves since cherry orchards became popular on the limestone hills of Door County. read more
by Rosemary Hintz ~ 0-7414-9724-7 ©2013
Price: $9.95

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