How to Be a Rock Star Radio Guest

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

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Once you have made a radio booking, the real work starts. In order to be a rock star radio guest, follow these tips to be prepared for your host and ensure that they will want you back on the show!

Do your homework.  Checkout the radio show before you go on the air.  Look at the website, listen to some of the previous shows via a podcast if you can’t catch the show live, or are outside of their market.  It’s always nice to make a reference to a previous show, if it makes sense. The show host is bound to be thrilled to know that you cared enough to listen to their program.

Be a good listener.  While you’re on the air, be sure to listen to what is going on with the dynamics of the show. Don’t interrupt your host and listen to what they have to say AND what they are asking of you. Even though you’ve provided them a list of questions as a guide, let the show host control the content.  They know what their audience is looking for.

Promote your interview.  Radio show hosts love to have their programming promoted by their guests, so be sure to promote the show to your friends, fans and followers, in the week leading up to the show and especially on the day of on your blog or author website.  Once you have a copy of the podcast, be sure to post it to the press section of your website

Say, “Thank You.”  After the show, be sure to send out an email to thank the host and the producer.  A simple thank you can go a long way.  If they know you appreciate what they have done for you to get you exposure for your product or service, you will be invited back.

Finally, keep in mind that the radio and publicity business is small and hosts and publicists talk.  If you’re the type of guest who difficult, doesn’t listen and is ill-prepared, you won’t be invited back and you’ll be hard-pressed to be invited elsewhere.  Media interviews are critical, so make the most of your radio interview opportunities.  They are an invaluable investment. 

What is your favorite part about doing radio interviews? Share with us!

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