Marketing Goal of the Week...Update Your Amazon Author Central Page!

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Sherrie Wilkolaski

Did you know that many authors aren’t even aware that Amazon provides a FREE author page to each and every author who has an ISBN and listed on their site?  It’s true!  Your Amazon Author Central page is a fantastic publicity tool to help you better market their books. But to be the most effective, you have to keep it up-to-date. Follow us as we detail the key elements of keeping your Author Central page current.    AAC mashable resized 600

Bio. Once your account is activated, you then can set-up your author profile.  This is where you tell your potential readers about yourself, including your author website URL and bio. You can pull this from your author page on BBOTW.  

Photos. Once you have filled in as much information as you can, don't forget to include your photo. You'll want to include an author headshot as well as your book cover image. If you're a children's book author, you can also include images of your characters and illustrations.  

Social Media. To maximize this valuable sales tool, you will want to link to your Twitter account as well as your blog RSS feed. Both of these tools will keep your author page active, every time you post a blog or send out a Tweet. This will keep your readers current with your day to day online happenings.

Video. This section is a great place to upload your book trailer or another type of multimedia that you may have created to go along with your book: an interview, a radio segment or even a cooking segment for your recipe book. This provides readers with an enhanced interactive view of your book and author page.

Books. As you publish and add more books to your collection as an author, you will have to go in and manually add them to your page. This is especially important to keep up with if you are the author of a series of books, as you will be needing to update this section more frequently.

International. Even if you have already set up your Author Central page, this does not mean it is set up on international Amazon sites. Currently, the UK, France, Germany and Japan sites offer this service but is not equipped with all of the features that the US Amazon provides (ex. some of the international sites do not have the blog RSS feed sync). Be sure that you set up your international pages as well!

Update your Amazon Author Central page and share the link with us in the comments below for added exposure to your page!


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