How To Write A Fantastic Book Synopsis

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

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Writing a book synopsis is arguably the most difficult step in the publishing process. How can you contain an entire book in one, small paragraph? We're here to help and guide you with a few tips!

All In The Details. It may seem arbitrary, but it's important to include at least your main characters name in your book synopsis, if your book is a work of fiction that is. This is the first time your reader will connect with your story, and a character's name will help solidify this. It may be personal taste, but I also think that your book title should be included at some point, possibly near the end. This will aid you from a marketing standpoint as reviewers may post your synopsis to their website. 

Take A Look Back. Review your chapters and write down the main events in each; then narrow this list down with another edit. You will want to include the most vital plot points in your synopsis but without giving too much away. It should be a teaser of sorts as your main goal is to keep your potential reader intrigued enough to purchase the book. If your book is a piece of non-fiction, such as a cookbook, you can also highlight key recipes that you think your reader will enjoy. 

Two's Company. Because there is no definitive length to a synopsis, it’s recommended you have two versions: a long synopsis and a short synopsis. The longer synopsis can be used on the back of your book or interior flap of your hardcover's dust jacket. Your short synopsis will be a great addition to media pitch emails as it will give book marketers a taste of your book without crowding them with too much detail.

Do you have tips for writing a synopsis? What is your favorite part of your book synopsis? Share with us!

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