New Beginnings

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Published On Oct 27, 2014

Book excerpt:

I Have Buried You Deep My Friend: I produced shovels full of good deeds and concern for others. I piled them high on top of You. 0741498685
My Cup: Then it hit me, rather hard, that on certain days, I personally choose not to reach out my cup for anyone to pour anything into. I even place a lid on it.

Drinking Alcohol: “Yes, you did think. Then you committed to quit drinking alcohol for your remaining fourteen years of this human life. Didn’t you?”

Imaginary – A Don’t Know Friend: This morning I thought about her─a lot. Who the hell was she, exactly? I have no idea, but I am writing this for her.
Old Fart: Today, I refuse to own a Smart-Phone or to participate on Facebook, Twitter, a Blog, or find information on a You-Tube. Am I becoming an old fart?

Christmas Message: I ASK for blessing. I ASK for: More Wisdom, More Love-both the love I give and the love I receive, and More Healing-both for my physical body and for my mind.

Medicare: Carol, the more level headed one of our family on this type of issue says, “You have to do it. Get over it. Grow up. Fill out the papers.”

Architectural Wonder – Heaven on Earth: The sun was warm as we waded into one of the pools. It was then that I observed the most incredible architectural design I could ever imagine. I stood and stared for minutes in awe. I watched people (men and women – skinny and fat) only covered with swim-ware and carrying drinks while moving─in and out, through the water.

Most Important Person: Then, his concluding words shared with me were: “Tears rolled down my face as I drove on the Capital Beltway only six miles from her home. My mind questioned; where had twelve days gone? Where had seventeen years gone?”

Grandma Was a Writer: When my sister, Denice, was there with me, Grandma was always at the desk teaching her how to draw and color with crayons and 8 ½ by 11 paper. Grandma would tell Denice how beautiful her drawing was and would repeat to her how Denice would one day be a great illustrator and writer.

Dating and Family: I had to admit, “I never had a close female relationship before Carol. Just a few casual dates, I never moved to the serious stage. My one true-love was the beer bottle.”

Remember: I tried partial retirement with working only three days per week, but the demands of business responsibility and legal issues caused me to return full-time and even work six days per week.

Cool and Rainy: I refused to activate the furnace this first day of cold fall weather. I knew Indian summer was just behind this cold snap. Carol complained all day.
Spirits Pow-Wow: It was as if my soul, my spirit, the real me, exited my physical body and I became weak.

Breakfast: The tightly fitting work-out clothes revealed Nature’s beauty bestowed on her. As we waited I had to ask, “Excuse me, but what is a woman with a body like yours doing in a donut store?”

5 Easy Steps on how to get a book published April 6, 2013: This front porch is swept clean of leaves and dust; the cushions are soft; the sunshine is beautifully warm; the spring flowers surround me with their beauty; and your presence visits me this first day of outdoor sitting.

Revelation: The Creator of the Universe visits often and has become my close friend these last few years.
BUT, being here in this beach town, it’s as if I am visiting with The Creator at His home.

Bonus Day: Eventually, I noticed my untouched coffee sitting on top of my book resting on the blanket. Finally, I took a sip from this second cup and then I stared at the book. I had been carrying it around all morning and I had not read a single sentence.

Special Message – Always Beautiful: This morning I was talking about you to The Creator, who is also your loving Father. He told me that, “In His loving eyes your every thought, word, and movement is always, ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL.”

Tale of a Strong Woman and the Circle of Life: Now it is one o’clock in the morning and my deep sleep is interrupted as I am drawn to my writing chair. Two thoughts keep running through my mind: The Circle of Life and the coming reunion with a woman who provided a great deal of writing assistance to me and to our entire group.

Fiftieth Reunion – Other Side of the Story: Somehow, we drew a little closer and hugged. I remember saying, “It’s nice to see you again.” It had been almost twenty years since we last met at my oldest brother’s funeral.

Final - Fiftieth Reunion Story: Then my long-time female writing associate continued with these challenging words, “I can’t wait for you to bring in the account of the actual fiftieth reunion.” Last week she asked me again, this time, in front of the entire group, “When are you bringing in the actual reunion story to share with us?” Others supported her request.

Gambling: I stood, walked toward her and hugged her tight for just a few seconds until she backed away. I removed a fifty dollar bill I had put in my shirt pocket just in case additional gambling appealed to me. I placed the fifty dollars in her hand and said, “Good-bye.” She walked out of the bar.

Men’s Only Bible – Summary: “I’ll help you write YOUR version of a Men’s Only Bible. Your sixty-five years of experience, the information in your head, and your imagination, will generate your personal version of a bible for men only.”
“You know I will always write what you tell me or run through my brain and then it pours from my fingers as handwriting.”

ISBN: 0-7414-9868-5
Price: $8.95
Book Size: 96 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / General

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