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Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski
Published On Sep 27, 2014

You've seen and read about the eBook format. Whether via Apple's iPad or Amazon's Kindle, KS slate 02 lg. V399249911 there's a legitimate new platform for reading. We are proud to offer eBook publishing with the best feature set in the industry:

Get Your eBook Published with Infinity

For a one time setup cost of $349, your unformatted manuscript will be converted into an eBook using the latest ePub standards. Ebook conversion includes premium formatting, custom color cover and interior page creation.

Infinity authors can convert their existing formatted books to eBook for a one time setup fee of only $199 per title.*

All of our eBooks will be available through the major online eBook distribution channels including iPad, Kindle, Nook and more!

* If you are in need of formatting and cover design add $150.

Excellent Earnings:

You'll earn a healthy royalty of 70% on all net eBook sales.

Global eBook Distribution:

We partnered with the largest and most expert retailers in the world including: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Books-a-Million and more than 30 other global online retail sites including 10,000 libraries.

Expert eBook Formatting:

Have you ever seen an eBook with huge gaps in the text, blank pages, or obvious formatting errors? You wouldn't want your book published that way, and neither would we. That's why we review every eBook we publish. In fact, we GUARANTEE the conversion of your book to eBook.

How to get published - Choosing the Right Publishing Package

Future-Proof eBook:

We support the ePUB standard and will continue to support all future eBook technologies, ensuring that once your book is in this system, your distribution will be upgradeable to keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace.

Lean and Green eBook Publishing:

One of the beautiful aspects of the eBook format is its zero-impact on the environment. Being all-digital, there's no paper used. No trees harmed. It's just a straight path from you to the reader.

Reach More Readers:

Publishing your eBook with Infinity Publishing, you can dramatically increase your book's exposure and reach new audiences.

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