Featured Infinity Author of the Week: J.J. Castagna

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Published On Oct 27, 2014

Congratulations J.J. Castagna you're the featured Infinity author of the week!

J.J. Castagna happily resides in North Florida. Professionally, Jim teaches algebra in middle school. When Jim's not teaching or coaching soocer, he can often be found creating and developing his unique and brilliant tales of horror and suspense.

Works by J.J. Castagna include the extremely imaginative horror thriller - "THE WATER BEASTS" and "BODY PARTS" - a creative and highly clever collection of horror thriller tales that you will absolutely enjoy.

Check out J.J.'s fantastic book reviews:

I really enjoyed this creative, clever, kept me on the edge of my seat book. The only problem was I hated to finish it because it left me wanting more from this author. Scary and twists and turns at every corner. A book once you start you can't put down until you are finished. You can easily picture the characters and feel the excitement with each turn of the page. This author needs to quit school and just write books. Awesome read. Get yours today, you won't be sorry!!! - Barbara Green

I was glued to this booked from the first horror, mystery story to the last. After reading this book, I thirsted for another one to read. That is how involved I became, reading this book. This book has everything a horror and mystery fan is looking for and each story en0741434571ding, drives you to read another. The humor that was magnificantly orchestrated, had me laughing out loud. The writing flowed so well and the realness made me feel as if I was in part of the story. This is writen with clever, witty, professional, imagination that only a few can put on paper. After reading this book, you will add this author to the top of your list. Thanks for sharing with me, the magic of words and imagination that you hold. - Mark

First and foremost, all the stories had me going. Not knowing your 'style' of writing, I read through the first one, and I got that grin like 'you dog'. So, then I read the second story it was the same deal, not knowing where you were going with it. The third story was the exact same way. I really liked the third story. Anyone reading this just has to check this book out. Most books now you seem to 'know' the story line. NOT with yours and that is what I loved. They were easy reading and held true thoughts and you weren't trying to dazzle with big words or sentences that slowed the reader. I'm looking forward to anything else you write. Thanks Jim. -Sharon Byberg

The Amazon Guide for New Authors

BODY PARTS is a creepy collection of creative and original short stories by J.J. Castagna. This unique collection is highlighted by the story “KIDS” which details a deadly cat-and-mouse journey for four boys after the discovery of a hitman's dismembered corpse.

“LITTLE-E” will make you question your own sanity as you travel with Ernie Stone, a disturbed teacher, who is tortured by his own little demon.

“HELLO EARTH” is a tremendously creative tale of a man whose body parts begin to mysteriously disappear from his body. The shocking conclusions to each story will leave you openly thrilled and applauding excitedly.

ISBN: 0-7414-3457-1
Price: $14.95
Book Size:  240 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Horror

Order a copy of Body Parts on buybooksontheweb.com.

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