1 - Surefire Way to Hook Your Readers for Life: E-mail Marketing

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Like with any other retail business, the key to making massive sales with eBooks, print or audio books is with repeat customers. When self-publishing building your fan base and finding those loyal readers who buy everything you write as soon as you publish it is the best marketing you can do. Using social media is a great way to touch base with readers, but nothing beats sending personalized emails for keeping their interest between books.

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Setting up an email marketing campaign is a simple task, thanks to multiple companies that specialize in this sales method. Simple enough for novice users to navigate, most of them even have free trials for a certain number of emails or addresses. Setting up the project may take an hour or two, including personalizing your email logo, but after that it's a matter of minutes to send out an email blast to everyone on your list.

Finding an E-mail Marketing Company

Do a search for email marketing and compare the offers between the most popular sites online. The right site for you depends on how much you're willing to spend and how many fans you think you'll eventually have. Choose wisely, as it's very difficult to switch companies later. Set up your account, design your email page, and grab the link to your signup page.

Spread the Word

Put the link to your signup page everywhere you can think of. The idea is to get as many email addresses as possible, so make it easy for readers to find you and sign up. Post the link on your blog and your website, put it in the back matter of every book you publish, and use it as part of your email signature.

Keep in Touch

Keep your readers updated as if they were your trusted friends. Emailing once a month is enough to keep them interested, but not so much that you start to seem annoying. The topic of emails should vary, depending on where you are in the writing process.

  • Plot twists and hints

  • Cover reveals

  • Plans for new books in a series

  • Advance notice when you publish

  • Offers for free ARCs in return for honest reviews

  • Free sample chapters or short stories as a thank you

  • Updates on you blog, interviews, signings, or any other notes on your writing life

The more readers feel like they have a personal connection with you and your writing process, the more likely they are to buy your books and spread the word to their friends about your writing. Word-of-mouth is still the best form of marketing; email marketing simply gives your biggest fans some insider information they can share with others. Keep in touch with them on a regular basis and you'll see surprising improvements in your book sales.

This is what I call a "Meat & Potatoes" strategy!


Keep the Faith and may the Force be with you!


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