Authors Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Create Your Own Radio Show!

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Branding is the art of becoming the go-to person in your particular specialty or niche. Fiction writers have a steep hill to climb to hit these heights, but a non-fiction writer can use multiple outlets and become a well-known expert in very little time. One of the most influential ways to validate your knowledge and credentials is to host a radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

Blog talk radio

These radio blogs are live talks that can include on-air guests and call-in questions from listeners. Not only will your show go out live, but it will be hosted on the site as a podcast for your fans to listen to any time later.

What to Talk About

Depending on your topic, you may want to speak for a couple of minutes and then allow a guest speaker to call in. You might also host a call-in show where listeners can ask your advice on problems they have in your niche. Break your basic topic into a number of smaller detailed parts, and hold one show on each partial subject. Watch current events, listen to fans, and adjust your schedule when interesting topics arise. Make a point of talking about your books sometime during each broadcast, and always end the show with the title of your latest book and where listeners can find it for sale.

How to Do It

Go to the Blog Talk Radio website and sign up. It's a very simple process that takes just a few minutes. You can choose the free option for practice to begin with, and move on to a paid program after that. You're allowed three free broadcasts for a trial. After that the price depends on how many premium features you want.

How to Use It

The attraction isn't the fact that you'll have a live radio show on your topic, although that's important as well. The most important point is that you'll have a podcast you can embed anywhere, spreading your words and knowledge everywhere you can advertise it. Post a link on Facebook to allow your fans to listen after the fact. Put a link for every week's podcast onto your webpage. Write a blog post elaborating on the week's topic, and post a link to the topic on the side.

Ways to Advertise

Branding is a circular process, where one link leads to another, and they all eventually lead back to the beginning. Add a link to your podcast in your email signature. Mention it when commenting on blogs or on forums. Find chat groups about your niche topic and invite members to be guests. Most people will be flattered to be invited, and you'll benefit by having your show associated with your chosen experts.

Have Some Fun

Above all.....have some fun! This strategy is not for everyone, but maybe its time you stepped out of your comfort zone and lived a little! You may be surprised the follwing you can attract over time with some good discussion.

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!

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