The Writer's Workout: 5 Exercises to Keep You Healthy at Your Desk

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Writers as a whole may not be the healthiest people on earth. We love our coffee, sit at a desk all day, and tend to unwind with a glass of wine or cocktail on a pretty frequent basis. In the middle of it all is a body that's slowly gaining weight, because we can't justify the time to go to the gym. Work out? There are deadlines to meet and marketing to do! No more excuses. Exercise adds oxygen to your system, which fuels your brain for better writing. Do some simple exercises without ever leaving your desk area and you might find yourself losing a little bit of that desk chair rear end.

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Cross your legs at the ankles so your feet are on your seat. Hold on to the chair arms firmly and lift yourself off the chair a few inches. Suck in your stomach and hold this position for 15 seconds. Lower yourself to the chair slowly and breathe. Do this five times. You'll exercise your arms and core with this one.

Backward Dip

Stand with your back to your desk. Sit on the very edge and place your hands on either side of you. Slide forward off the desk, holding your weight with your arms. Lower your body about six inches, hold for about 10 seconds, then raise it up again. Do 10 repetitions before resting. This exercise works out the back of your arms that get so flabby.

Chair Squats

Lower your desk chair as far as possible. Stand in front of your chair and lower your butt until it's almost touching the chair. Place your hands on your hips and lower yourself to the seat as slowly as possible. Stand again until you're barely off the chair, and hold for 10 seconds. Lower yourself again as slowly as possible. You'll strengthen your core and lower body tremendously with 20 repetitions of  this one. When it gets too easy, try it with your arms outstretched or on one foot.

Chair Rear End Lift

Tighten those glutes and legs with this killer of an exercise. Stand up behind your chair and hold on to the back. Place your feet about shoulder width apart. Lift your right foot up and back slightly and make a circle with the foot clockwise 25 times, then counter-clockwise 25 times. Switch legs so you're standing on your right foot and work out your left leg.

Good Habits

Exercises can help, but so can practicing good habits through your whole day. Keep a glass of water handy and drink it all day. Get a stand-up desk or work at your kitchen counter for a time.  Arrange your chair and monitor so you have good posture while writing. And try to laugh every day. It burns calories, and it just feels good.

Since I started running 20 miles per week my productivity and overall health has gone through the roof! No preaching here...but you do have the power!

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!

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