Self Publishing Success: 3 Key Actions To Find Your Readers

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Every writer has dreams of being the next Stephen King, or at least the next Hugh Howey, but there are no guarantees what book is going to become a raging success and which one will sit on the shelves. You may not be able to find the golden key that opens up the door to unlimited sales, but you can tweak the odds a little bit in the way you market your book. The key is to make it easy for your readers to find your work. Until you've got multiple best-sellers under your belt, your readers won't want to search around to find your latest book. Giving your readers the opportunity to easily buy your work won't guarantee bestseller status, but without taking these steps, you're stacking the odds against you. You need to find the key and open the gates!

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Sell in Multiple Formats

Putting a eBook up on Amazon is a great way to put your work up in front of millions of people. So is publishing a hardcover or recording an audiobook. Each method has its own set of fans who regularly shop for their reading material in their stores, and they rarely cross genres. Why pick and choose between eBook lovers, those who adore paper in their hands, and people who listen to books on their commute? Give your readers the chance to experience your work in any format they choose. Sell eBooks, of course, but also sell audiobooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, and even digital copies on flash drives if you find a venue. The more, the better.

Sell on Multiple Outlets

It's accepted almost everywhere that Amazon is the big dog when it comes to selling books now. You'd be foolish to ignore its size and strength, but there are other venues that have their fans, and these fans won't touch an Amazon book. Place your book for sale everywhere that you can, from Barnes & Noble and Apple to Google and others. Put your book in as many stores as possible, to reach the highest number of potential buyers. Look for niche stores that may cater to your reader.

Market to Your Audience

Every writer has to market their book today, whether they're published by a big commercial firm or they do it themselves with the indie route. Your time is better spent writing your next book, but you have to spend time marketing every day. It makes sense to make the most of that time directing the work where it will do the most good.

Who is your ideal reader? Spend time figuring out exactly who this is, and find out where they hang out online. Post in garden forums, create a Pinterest page, put up amusing Tweets, or whatever works for your fan base. Don't waste time with general advertising that hits people who don't care about your genre. Narrow your niche and hit it hard.

The above are a few basic actions you take to catch your reader and keep him. See our new AuthorTree Marketing Program may be exactly what you have been looking for to open the gates!

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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