Editing Your Self-Published Book: What to Do and How to Think

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Brittany Lavin

Editing your book can be a frustrating experience. As writers we tend to get attached to an idea and run with it. The thought of taking something away from our original vision can be horrifying— almost unthinkable. Sometimes, however, it is necessary.

editing self-published book

Here are some things to think about when you go to edit your book:

1. You may be too close. As I said, you may not want to take away from your vision. Your book is like your baby and it becomes a part of you. Try to take a step back and go over it again with a new outlook.

2. The little things count. Proofreading is important and can make or break a book. Spell check, punctuation, grammar, repeat— make this your mantra when you go to edit.

3. Trust. If you can’t trust yourself to edit your book objectively, think about who you can trust to a.) keep to your vision and b.) do what’s best for the story. Sometimes getting a second opinion can do a world of good. So as hard as it is, hand your book over to a relative or close friend. Heck—give it to a perfect stranger, the feedback you receive could be eye-opening. Another option is having your publisher edit for you. This brings us to:

4. Editing services. Look into your publisher’s services and see what they offer. Do they offer copy-editing, a full editing evaluation, or both? You could also contact a professional editor. This may cost extra, but in the end the professional set of eyes picking up on a mistake can make a world of difference. Take advantage!

5. Think of your readers. When caught, even the smallest of mistakes can throw a reader off and decrease the joy of reading.

Editing doesn’t have to be a scary experience, especially for a self-published writer and author. Remember, you still own the rights to your work and ultimately have final say over your content.



Brittany LavinBrittany Lavin has been an In-House Author Representative at Infinity Publishing for two years. Her job is to guide authors through the process of having their book published and provide them with administrative support. Brittany graduated from Cabrini College in 2009 with a BA in English and Communication. A writer at heart, Brittany dabbles in poetry and prose. She also enjoys reading, spending time with loved ones, and being a “Geek.”

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