How to Increase the Value of Your Book

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by John F. Harnish

A book is a book, just as a rose is a rose. Some roses are more beautiful than other roses, and some books are a better read than others. The beauty and colors of roses have been enhanced by the creation of hybrid varieties. Published books can be enhanced with author innovations that expand the book’s content, thereby creating greater value to the reader.

1388612 58676202 sxc Svilen Milev resized 600Infinity-published authors have several advantages over other self-published authors and authors published by mainstream houses. One of these advantages is the ease of releasing a second edition of a book – without waiting for the first edition offset press-run to sell out. Infinity’s authors have the ability to take a good book and make it into a potentially great second edition.

Why a second edition??? Some authors might have quickly pulled their book together to rush it into publication. Upon reading the finished product, they may discover a few glaring goofs that were overlooked during the approving and acceptance process. Maybe the author has unearthed new information that relates to their book. Or maybe the author’s peers have suggested additional material that should be considered for the next edition. Whatever the reason, our authors have the opportunity to update their book and make it sparkle.

Frequently, an author will increase the price of a nonfiction book because the additional material makes the book more valuable to the reader. Readers will recognize this added value when the author hires a professional book designer to improve the quality of the layout and design of the second edition. A skillful book designer can provide the necessary expertise to enhance the overall appearance of a book by selecting a typeface that will help the words sing off the pages. They know how to make the best use of white space and how to modify margins to remove that amateur look of trying to jam as much as possible into the fewest pages. They have a variety of design techniques that will vastly improve the formatting quality of your book.

Not to sound like a message repeating over and over again on an endless loop, but the better your book is designed and edited, the better it will sell – that’s a proven fact you can bank on. So now is the perfect time to consult with a content editor for suggestions about how to tighten up parts and perhaps expand other sections. At the very least, be sure the editor has a working knowledge of your niche topic.

Releasing a second edition is also an excellent time to include references to additional material you’ve incorporated by adding a CD to the inside back cover of your book. Yes, this costs a bit more to do, but stop for a moment and think about the increased value of a mixed-media book. Charts and tables come alive when you add them onto a CD that accompanies your newly revised edition. Photos that could only be printed in glorious black-and-white can now be viewed in spectacular color when the reader accesses them from a CD.


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