Top 5 Reasons to Write a Book

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Brittany Lavin

write a bookI’ll be the first to tell you that writing a book isn’t easy. It’s anything but easy. Writing a book is time consuming and challenging. There’s character development, plot points, and denouement…oh my! Not to mention extensive critiquing and editing. It’s physically, emotionally, and mentally draining.

It’s also one of the most fulfilling feelings I have ever experienced.

It’s my belief that everyone has a writing itch. There’s always that moment where a person says “Hey, that’d be a pretty good story.” It’s time to do just that!

Here are just some of the reasons you should write a book:

  1. Nowadays, finding a job you really love is difficult. If you love to write- make it your job! There’s nothing like waking up and being excited to start your day doing something you love.
  2. “I’ve written a book.” It will become your favorite thing to say!
  3. It will help you realize your ideas. Perhaps you never thought you were capable of writing (or finishing) a book. Prove yourself wrong! Take that idea that has been stewing your brain and put it on paper.
  4. Writing your first book may just lead to another, and another, and another! Before you know it a job you love could become a career you love.
  5. Writing a book is like showing the world who you really are. Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or self-help- it’s bringing your true self to light.

Perhaps you have already finished a book. Perhaps you are just starting. Either way, consider yourself a very accomplished individual!

However, your work isn’t over when your book is complete. If anything, it should be just beginning as you take the next step from writer to published author.


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