Audio Books: Audio On Your Computer For Beginners

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by Dave Giorgio

The limitlessness of computer technology is beyond imagination. Still, most of us can imagine a lot. Take the case of listening to audio on your computer (audio can be any kind of recording, such as music, spoken books, interviews, etc.)

1208422 89744071 sxc Ariel da Silva Parreira resized 600What makes any kind of sound recording computer-related is the fact that any recording can be made into a computer file. In other words, just as every Microsoft word document you create is a computer file, so too are any audio files you load onto a computer.

These audio files sit on your hard drive rather inconspicuously until you wish to listen to them through your computers speaker system. If you have speakers hooked up to your computer, you can listen to one of these audio files by double clicking on it.

No special software is required, as the playback software for this audio comes with your computer.  Such examples of pre-installed software would be Windows Media Player for PC or ITunes, which comes preinstalled with for Macintosh computers.

If you are a PC owner and would like to listen to audio on your computer using iTunes software (which is excellent), you’re in luck, as Apple also provides a version of iTunes just for PC users.

iTunes allows you to actually listen to all sorts of music and audio book samples, so that you may choose something you’d like to buy. Then, with a couple of clicks, you’ll own that music or audio book and it will download right to your computer for your enjoyment!

Once downloaded, just double click on this audio file and you will be able to listen on your computer. Whether this is music, audio books, or something else, it’s just that easy, and CHEAPER than purchasing the CD version at the store.

Now, imagine how it was 20 years ago. You’d go to a store and buy a big bulky album on vinyl. You’d have a huge record collection with a big warm sound but lots of static and taking up a wall full of space.

Now, audio on your computer takes up no physical space. The access is instant. This sets the stage for authors to have a platform to use in book creation, marketing, and sales.

It is through this technology that a great deal of the audio book publishing segment has sprung over the past ten years.


Photo courtesy of Ariel da Silva Parreira


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