Publish Your Collection of Short Stories

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

by John F. Harnish

Many writers have a special personal file tucked away in a little used directory or saved to a disk that holds an assortment of short stories and other things they’ve written over the years.  Well, as they say, there’s gold in them there files!  More than likely you have enough of a collection of short stories, some essays, perhaps a few essays, a rambling perchance, maybe a couple of odes, and of course a sprinkling of poems that you could publish a collection of your work.

short storiesMy first published book, Enjoy Often! is a collection of my work.  The collection is a real mix of this and that so there’s something there to delight everyone. 

Enjoying being involved in the whole creative process is another beautiful part of doing a collection of your work.  In addition to writing, you also get to figure out the selection of the work you’ll be including and the order they’ll appear in your book.  You also need to think about your cover design.  Some authors like to pick one piece and feature it in the title and on the cover art.

Now the odds are, you have a few pieces of work that you’ve finished or maybe a couple of works-in-progress that could be finalized when you yield to the pull to work on something you love working on.  That’s part of the beauty of this new kind of publishing—you get to enjoy doing the creative work you enjoy doing.  Oh sure, we know it’s hard work and at times it stretches your gray matter most nicely—but you also have the reward of feeling that what you’re doing is feeling so very right with you because you love what you’re doing.  It’s a win, win!

So dust off those files holding your work, and clean away the cobwebs of your mind so your creativity can come out and play with your new project.  This isn’t like writing a whole new book because you’re having fun writing all the various individual pieces that will make up the whole of your new book. 

Yield to your creative urging and visit with some of your writings that you’ve been saving. 


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